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    Sep 10, 2020
    In order for your appeal to a punishment to be successful, we ask that players will out a format to create the process a lot easier for both yourself and the staff team. We suggest that in your thread title you include your name as well as the reason for your punishment.

    • Punished account name:
    • Platform or server punished on:
    • Ban message if applicable:
    • Have you read the rules?
    • Do you think this punishment was incorrect?
    • Why should you be unbanned?
    • Please list any other times you were punished on Skyblock:
    • If you know, tag the staff member that banned you:
    • Do you understand and accept our rules and code of conduct?
    You can find the code of conduct here.
    You can find the server rules here.

    • Do not create any joke or fake appeals, they will be removed and can result in punishment.
    • You must use the format, copy and paste it into a new thread.
    • Players should only make an appeal for themselves and not upon the behalf of others. Each player is responsible for their own punishment and appeal.
    • You should not create more than one appeal for the same punishment.
    • Do not ask/spam staff members to look at your appeal.
    • The final decision rests with the staff member giving out the punishment.
    • You cannot appeal for permanent bans.
    • To gain the attention of the staff member you can tag them by doing @ and then the name.
    • Explain what you have done wrong - players are punished for a reason and it's best to be truthful about the situation rather than lie. Claim responsibility for your actions.
    • Show staff that you have taken precautions to prevent further punishment.
    • Make your appeal look neat - staff members don't want to be reading an appeal with bright yellow text, making it impossible to read. Use a suitable text font and colour.
    • Be patient! The staff team have lives outside of the game too, please do not constantly message them to respond or look at your appeal. This will decrease chances of a successful appeal.
    • Be polite and respectful at all times.
    If you require any assistance with creating a ban appeal, please do not hesitate to contact a member of staff and they will be happy to help. Good luck with your appeal!

    Credits to Athyrix for the content of this thread.
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