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    Sep 10, 2020
    Skyblock and all connected services (Skyblock Minecraft Servers, Skyblock Forums, Skyblock Discord) aim to provide a comfortable and fun experience for all members and expect our staff and players will assist in this endeavour. Our code of conduct is an in-depth explanation about the behaviour we expect from all players. Though our opinions and expectations may differ, we expect all players to abide by these terms. All players are responsible for reading the entirety of our server rules despite having read our code of conduct.

    1. You must ensure that you respect the right of other users to use and enjoy the servers and services provided by

    2. You must use common sense when playing our server. While this may be ambiguous as not all “sense” is common, in the context of our server this means following courtesies and regulations set out in your real world lives, schools, work places and countries. This includes using basic morals such as “stealing is wrong”, “calling someone a name may hurt them and that is bad," or even “speaking nicely to others and using manners is appropriate behaviour.”

    3. While on our servers you will not partake in behaviour and activities which disrupt the game play of other users. This includes, but is not limited to:
    • All prohibited behaviour as set in the Skyblock rules here
    • Building machines that can crash or lag the server
    • Flying redstone machines
    • Bypassing /ignore, /guest ban and island locks
    • Egging islands without permission
    • Obscene builds, map art and banners
    • Streaming or sharing game play that encourages others to break our server rule

    4. You must be polite and friendly to all members in the community. You cannot do the following (but not limited to) towards staff and players:
    • Harass and/or Disrespect
    • Stalk
    • Bad mouth
    • Abuse
    • Spread rumours
    • Threaten
    • Argue
    • Bully
    • Troll
    • Provoke

    5. You must not engage in any forms of online sex or sexual relationships on our server. This includes sexting, exchange of private or inappropriate photos (e.g nudity) and sexually explicit chat, regardless of consent or age.

    6. You must not use any language that is sexually explicit, threatening, hateful, obscene, abusive, bullying, controversial, or offensive to other religions, ethnicity or minority groups. This applies to your:
    • Comments
    • Usernames
    • Status updates
    • or any area of the server, public or private

    7. You must not expose any players real identity or any personal information including, but not limited to:
    • Real name
    • Family name/s
    • Home address
    • School
    • Workplace
    • Location
    • Phone number
    • Email
    • Social media accounts
    • Bank details

    8. You may not impersonate any server staff, staff rank, or other players.

    9. You may not use our Skyblock platform for private sales, charities, or other services in which real world items and money are being exchanged or donated. You cannot use our Skyblock platform to trade in-game items for real life money and services.

    10. You may not frame other players or give falsified information and evidence to any staff member.

    11. You must not lie to or scam staff in order to benefit yourself or others.

    12. You may not attempt to gain unauthorised access to any user accounts or administrative systems.

    13. You may not post suspicious or inappropriate links or upload any files that may harm another user's hardware, software, or their privacy. This includes, but is not limited to:
    • IP grabbers
    • Key loggers
    • Offensive and obscene material
    • Adult material
    • Viruses
    • Malware
    • Worms
    • Material that aid harassment of another user
    • Personal information leaks
    • Software or programs to harm a user’s computer in any way or corrupt data

    14. You may not use our services to break the law. We are not liable for the laws you break on our Skyblock servers and you will face the legal consequences for your illegal actions.

    15. You may not exploit any bugs or glitches that may be known or that you may find, and you must inform the appropriate staff of the bugs or glitches found. We reserve the right to modify, discontinue, or change any system or service we provide at our discretion without prior notice if players abuse them.

    Credit to Krissy for writing this thread.
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