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Discussion in 'Denied Applications' started by Fastrayman786, Mar 10, 2018.

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  1. Fastrayman786

    Fastrayman786 Member


    Hello, my name is Ajay in real life.

    This is my moderator application. I hope to helping out in the future :)

    Your in-game name:


    I may also be known as KING from the classic server of Skyblock.

    On the new server you may know me as Eleph.

    What time zone are you in?

    I live in Britain so it is BST or GMT.

    What country do you live in?

    I live in the England, United Kingdom.

    What languages do you speak?

    I speak many languages.

    - I can speak English, which is actually my first language.

    - I can also speak Punjabi as this is what my parents speak and how I communicate to them.

    - My mum speaks Hindi as well as her second language as in India, where she grew up, she learn Hindi as well. This is how I can also understand and speak Hindi but usually on a daily basis I rarely speak Hindi.

    - I can speak French. I learnt how to read and write in French and can communicate in French very well. I speak French everyday with my friends.

    I have helped many people who speak different languages before on the server who need help with the game.

    Do you have 2FA enabled? Yes/No

    Yes of course I have 2FA enabled.

    Do you have the necessary means of capturing evidence? (i.e. recording software, screenshots, etc)

    Yes, I have many ways of capturing evidence.

    I have recording devices like an Xbox recorder which came with my laptop, which can record videos, screenshots and be uploaded if necessary.

    On my computer, I was lucky to get Sony Vegas Pro and Fraps.

    Why do you think you should become a mod?

    I believe it is time I could benefit the server. My goal, if I get this position, is to make a change to Skyblock. I want to be able to have a chance to become a role model to people. I would never abuse my powers as I believe, if I get this role, that being fair and equal will give a message for others to do the same. I want to bring something new and unique to Skyblock. I want to make a positive change into other people’s lives. I want Skyblock and its community to be very fair. I would love to share some of the traits ALL moderators must have;


    This one is the most important one for me because you should always respect other peoples, views, decisions, rules, dislikes and likes, beliefs, languages, sexuality and much more. I have been disrespected by people a lot before and know how it feels. I think people are equal and that they should have the same respect. I will never get angry at someone and instead ask them politely. I don't accuse people without proper proof and respect all their wishes.


    Being fair is very important trait. E.g. Everyone is spamming and a mod warns 1 person and not all the people. You should always be fair and instead either warn all the people who spammed or tell all the people to stop abusing the chat. If my friend broke the rules of the game I would have to ban them with evidence even if they are my friend. I must make sure people aren't being treated unfairly. I am trying to help Skyblock become a kid-friendly and safe place.


    I am kind to others and not mean to them or call them names or pick on people. I am always polite and make people smile every day. I make sure to support people and new players too. I help to deal with situations maturely when someone is being bullied online. I love to give advice too in my PM.


    I have to be honest always. As I said before, I haven’t been the nicest person in the world but I can tell people that and I have nothing to hide. Being human won’t work if you are dishonest and you should admit your mistakes and regretful moments. If I become a moderator I know for a fact that I would never be dishonest especially in problem solving moments.


    I don’t like to be biased. Becoming a moderator means not being biased always having evidence to back your points and always tell the truth. I can’t say that my friend has to be right and this stranger is not. I am not a biased person. So instead I only make decisions based on evidence and what actually happened.


    I am active in-game and offline too. I make sure to help people out a lot. I try to answer people’s questions, give my opinion on suggestions and also love to help new players to and forums. I love to read peoples suggestions and give some of my own too. I come on forums, after I wake up and go downstairs, without thinking I go onto forums or on the game itself. After school days, I come straight to my laptop to check on forums or the game but obviously I make sure to do my school work too as that is my top priority. I come on very early in the morning when mods are not online (this is the time a lot of problems can occur) but then eventually through my day, mods start appearing on the game. Normally when I am on 10-20 or more people are online and then after 50-120 people are on.

    To summarize

    In Summary, I am an unbiased, truthful and empathetic person. I always put myself in other people’s shoes and make sure to make decisions only on what actually happened. I may sound serious sometimes, but I am also an active, pro-active, funny person. Obviously, I have to make sure to not be serious all the time because Minecraft wouldn’t be fun otherwise. I believe having fun also has a responsibility and always to still act mature. I am active; a problem solver and multi-tasker. I can handle many people at once because I have experience in dealing with many issues at once.


    I also know most of the moderator commands, such as

    /kick <player> <reason>
    /tempmute <player> <time/increment> <reason>
    /mute <player> <reason>
    /tempban <player> <time/increment> <reason>
    /ban <player> <reason>
    /eec <player>
    /invsee <player>
    /warn <player> <reason>
    /tpo /tpohere

    I also know some more commands as well, I can add if you would like me to.

    How long can you be active on the server every day?

    I am online daily and active every day.

    During the school term:

    Mon- 5-7 hours

    Tue- 5-7 hours

    Wen- 5-8 hours

    Thu-7-8 hours

    Fri-7-8 hours

    Sat-Sun 8-9 hours

    On weekends or holidays:

    Mon-Sun 8-9 hours

    Some of these may change depending on the work I may have.

    I also take breaks between so it isn’t non-stop hours, just in case you thought that.

    How long have you been playing Skyblock?

    I have played this server since it started really. The earliest memory was in 2013 playing on this server as I wrote a book just the day after my holiday in Spain on Minecraft. I have played this server for a long time and know how things have developed and changed throughout the years.

    Have you ever been banned in the past? (Forums & In-game)

    Forums – Nope I have not ever.

    Skyblock Server – only one time. This was due to looting. I will never dare to loot again. I have changed. The mod which had banned me was very supportive and friendly to me. She understood my frustration too which I have learnt to do. I am truly sorry for my actions.

    Do you have any past experience as a moderator?

    I have a lot of experience.

    - I was a moderator in my friends’ server and I dealt with 20-30 players.

    - I was also a moderator in the famous Disney game, Toontown but sadly, that game was closed down after some time. I had to deal with a lot of people who came on to the server from different countries. I dealt with 100+ players and that could go to 1000 as well at times.

    -Also, I was moderator in games on Roblox Servers too. I dealt with 40-50 player on this.

    Of what I have heard, it isn’t all the same on this server and I want to get experience on Minecraft servers. I have other game experiences but only some Minecraft moderator experiences but I know how to deal with a range of people from different countries and large amounts of people and also know how to use commands.

    Do you meet the requirements for staff? Yes/No

    Yes, I meet all the staff requirements.
    Yes I have Skype.
    Yes I have more than 50 post count.
    Yes I have been a member for more than 2 weeks.

    Thank you for reading my application. I love and appreciate the fact that you took your time to read it. I took my time into getting all the detail in. I hope I get this position and love to help and improve the server in the future. If you want me to translate any of this for you, please tell me. I am always open to questions and improvements; I love your support. I hope to volunteer in this community as a moderator soon.

    - Fastrayman786 aka Ajay.

    Last edited: Mar 17, 2018
  2. BertBerry

    BertBerry donk shrek Premium

    I'll give you a no support but more leaning to Neutral as you have improved a little more. The things you need to work on:
    • Be more helpful. I see you sometimes helping but mostly welcoming new players which is a good thing but I need to see you helping more players.
    • Be Active in forums and discord.
    • And dont advertise/mention your application in game just like you did right now about posting your application.
    Good luck!
  3. Fastrayman786

    Fastrayman786 Member

    Okay thank you. Yes I will try to be more active on discord. I prefer skype than discord. I will try to be more helpful.
    Thank you for your support.
  4. Jbnorman

    Jbnorman Well-Known Member

    Sorry, still no support. I still believe that you are too immature.
  5. archerexpert777

    archerexpert777 Experienced Member

    Neutral. Be more active and help out more in game dude. Also how tf did you get 100 messages in 3 weeks :eek:
  6. Kyrxu

    Kyrxu Snekini Staff Member Premium

    No support. You made an application about 4 days ago and then shut it because you said you "weren't ready".
    What would the difference be now?
    On the other hand, you are active in game.
    Tag me when you get to 300 messages and I'll reconsider.
    Good luck!
  7. Fastrayman786

    Fastrayman786 Member

    Thank you laini. It was 1-2 weeks ago. I thought maybe I should become more active so then I can apply.
    Ilysm Laini <3

    Yh I will try. I have been very active lately.

    Okay I will work on that.
    Last edited: Mar 10, 2018
  8. Sam

    Sam Senior Member

    I believe you still have some work to do on maturity and becoming accustomed to the community. I also haven't ever seen you online, but we live in different timezones so that doesn't mean all that much.
  9. GAMER1232012

    GAMER1232012 Active Member

    I don't think I've ever seen you respond to people's questions online. Also, didn't you make an application and close it a few days ago? You should wait before reapplying to show people you made changes to your behavior.

    On the upside, you're pretty active.
  10. Fastrayman786

    Fastrayman786 Member

    Nope. I posted a couple of weeks ago. I do respond to peoples questions all the time. I am sorry you didn't see that. Thanks for your feedback
  11. Cheesy

    Cheesy Restricted

    No support

    Cannot see you bringing anything special to the staff team as of now other than another ‘annoying’ child (surprise surprise my opinion)
  12. LegoCollecter14

    LegoCollecter14 Active Member




    You are immature, and you seemed to have joined forums just to apply for mod.
    I also thinnkkkk i remember you had a ban appeal to a while back.

    Oh not so a while back. [Appeal] [Appeal]

    There goes respectful, honest....

    I doubt you have changed since... lets see. about 3 weeks ago.
    You have been banned wayyyy to recently for me to even consider this.

    And given the amount of Help/ guide and other random threads you seem to be racking up post counts for the express purpose of becoming eligible to moderator. And your first threads and profile posts prove this.
    [Edit] 18 days in to being on forums you started seeking moderator.
    [Edit #2] You have older mod apps but it would appear you have deleted them after they had been denied.
    [Edit #3] Nice plan, rating everyone who posts here as friendly.
    Last edited: Mar 12, 2018
  13. Fastrayman786

    Fastrayman786 Member

    Nope. None of my mod applications were denied. This is false. I deleted because I needed a little more time to become active and show how I have changed.

    There is a friendly button for a reason. I rate friendly for people who I think have gave me some support and advice.

    I don't understand what you mean.

    It is okay to think I am immature. But please don't say I joined forums to become a moderator. This is false and untrue. I joined forums to meet new friends. Thank you.
    I can take this to a PM if you wish.
  14. Fennifer

    Fennifer Active Member

    Less than a month ago you both got banned and then was asking for how to ban a mod. Shows you don't know enough as it is very clear and you are immature for trying to get a hardworking mod banned. No support
  15. Elpacer

    Elpacer Member

    No support, I do see you online but don't see helping out as much.
  16. Fastrayman786

    Fastrayman786 Member

    Yes. I will try to help more.

    I need to know new things about forums which I know now.
    I have some problems in my life which are causing me do things like this. I can take this to a PM if you want me to tell you what has been going on.
  17. Evux

    Evux Active Member

    You don't need to give us a paragraph about each language. This section should be quick. For example you could of said "I can speak (insert languages) quite fluently".

    I also noticed that you have a lot of unnecessary spaces throughout your application. I suggest just making it one space between your paragraphs.

    Your quite active on the forums but I haven't seen you on the server much nor the discord and the few times I do you don't seem to be helping anyone. For now I'm going with Neutral as I believe you are capable of taking feedback on board, I really hope I can come back and change to support! :)
  18. Fennifer

    Fennifer Active Member

    I don't need to know about that, I just think you shouldn't spend about 2 months on forums to get 200+ messages and then immediately apply for mod, also being banned as well in that time. It doesn't make sense, just stay on the forums for 8 months minimum with good activity and I'll change to support if you mature
  19. LegoCollecter14

    LegoCollecter14 Active Member

    So what you are saying is, you were lying when you said none of your mod apps have been denied?
    And you also say you don’t have any older mod apps because you deleted them? What?!?

    That may be true but it gets close to rating abuse, and looks like you are sucking up.

    Joined: Feb 1 2018
    Profile post on feb 18: I want to become moderator
    Then come the slew of threads about what does a mod do, how do I... etc. shortly after you start posting apps that get denied because you don’t meet requirements.

    A) I don’t think you are immature, I know you are.
    B) I refuse to hide the obvious truth
    C) You literally admitted to creating then deleting mod apps.
    D) That may be true, doesn’t change wat I said above
    E) Nope this is staying here for all to see
    Last edited: Mar 13, 2018
  20. Cheesy

    Cheesy Restricted

    There’s no official format saying this so what you’re saying is entirely opinionated here.

    Edit: to extend what I’m trying to say, this information is useless in helping OP get moderator. It’s just eye appealing IN YOUR OPINION
    Last edited: Mar 13, 2018

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