We need more mods, and more active ones.

Discussion in 'Discussion' started by Midnightman, Aug 15, 2019 at 10:59 PM.


Do you think we need more staff members

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  1. Midnightman

    Midnightman Active Member

    Skyblock is a tight nit community, there's no denying that. Theres also a problem going on currently. We are having an influx of players coming onto the server and being disrespectful to other players by bypassing the filter and just generally being rude. Often when there are no mods this occurs to such an extent, the chat is spammed with racist, and sexist and other derogatory comments about other players. If there were more active staff members, this would not be an issue. Often players have to take this into their own hands report them to the mods, but it still continues throughout the night. I strongly recommend that there are more staff members on and active. Thanks
  2. Monster_Sparklez

    Monster_Sparklez Yee yee Bubba Premium Premium

    The staff team is constantly looking for volunteers people just need to Apply. I do believe all staff members but 2 or 3 are inactive. They only come on when a player reports someone compared to them being online just because they want to play and don’t have to come on only for a report then leave.

    I think the report system is for when a no staff members are online for example a time zone problem or when a player feels the need to report someone. I feel like the staff team aren’t putting in the effort (except for 2 or 3) to actually come online and moderate. They just rely on the report system to actually have to get online.
    Now don’t get me wrong staff members have a whole life they need to be worried about more, but they should still fit in time to come on and moderate.
  3. archerexpert777

    archerexpert777 Senior Member

    Honestly the staff here are somewhat active on average. As Monster stated the staff team are always looking for more people. Some staff here are students that have to focus on their school, or just life in general. s*** happens and sometimes you just have to compromise your role as a moderator to focus on bringing back your normal life. For the most part when I get in game I would see a mod or two pop on and 30 seconds later leave like wtf lmao, what were you doing man?

    And in regards of more players breaking rules as far as I am concerned, I rarely see rule breakers. Are you seeing the right server?

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