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Discussion in 'Discussion' started by Emerald, Aug 12, 2018.

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  1. Emerald

    Emerald Experienced Member

    Hello everyone from Skyblock!!

    I am proud to announce that the construction of /warp info has been completed and is now a warp of the Skyblock server. This warp features on many questions that are being asked, information, and much more!! If you are seeking a question, need a tutorial on trade shops, want to know the server kits and what are in them, etc., warp info features all of this stuff.

    I'd like to thank many people that helped with this warp and took their time and dedication to make it. You are able to see the island creators section in the back left corner under the F.A.Q. section.

    Special thanks to Leeeroieee and Noobcrew for making this warp possible

    The warp features 3 sections: Start, F.A.Q., and Ranks. We may choose to add a fourth section to this warp, in the future. If you have any suggestions for another section, please feel free to suggest it.

    These sections feature the following topics:

    Welcome to Skyblock: A list of the main objectives/things to do on Skyblock
    Basic Commands: Lists all of the server commands with their uses
    Lockette Tutorial: Showcases a tutorial on how to use Lockette
    Color Codes: Lists all of the color codes and how to properly use them
    Coop vs. Trust: Gives the differences between trusted and in a coop
    Non-Donor Commands: Names all of the non-donor commands with their uses
    Warps: Lists all of the server's current warps
    Server Basics: Gives in depth information of the server overall

    The start section is primarily to be used for the basic things of Skyblock, mainly for new players. We encourage all new and old players of Skyblock to use the start section if they want to know anything about the following topics!!

    A list of the most common questions asked on Skyblock
    Tradeshops: A tradeshop tutorial and why they are good to use!
    How Do I...: An alike section to FAQ but a different set of questions.
    Rules: A list of rules listing common punishments given to the players for their (first) offense.
    Tips for Success: A section that gives many tips to succeed on Skyblock!!
    Server Currency: A description of the server currency and trading prices (prices may change).
    Island Creators: Lists everyone that contributed to the warp.

    The use of the F.A.Q. section is going to be primarily used for questions with information, rather than giving out basic information like the start section.

    Staff List:
    A current list of all the staff members (the staff list will updated).
    Donor Ranks: Lists all of the Donor ranks plus some other information!
    Donor Commands: Features a list of all the donor commands and what each rank offers.
    Pet Commands: A guide on how to use pets and basic commands for pet uses.
    Server Kits: Gives a nice preview of each kit and the cool down time.
    Donor Kits: A preview of the donor kits along with the cool down time for each kit.

    The ranks section is important, but the least important out of all three. If you have any questions about donor ranks or would like to view the staff list, the ranks section is suitable to answer all of your questions.

    Please leave all of your feedback on the warp here and suggestions for the warp that could possibly be implemented for the future. We are currently looking into adding a fourth section. If there's a brief topic we did not cover please let us know in the thread so that we can add it.​
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  2. Xethorias

    Xethorias Senior Member

    "its a whole new world"
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  3. BertBerry

    BertBerry Helper Staff Member

    Me still salty i didnt get to help : (((

    Anyways I like the new warp info and RIP 100 dias sign ; ((
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  4. MissPandas

    MissPandas Active Member

    Thank you to all who put the time in to create this. It looks really good as well as being very helpful. :)
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  5. Monster_Sparklez

    Monster_Sparklez Active Member

    Great Thanks emerald
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  6. Emerald

    Emerald Experienced Member

    Make sure to leave ideas/suggestions for future add-ons onto warp info!!

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