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Discussion in 'Server Gameplay Suggestions' started by OnceDucky, Oct 27, 2022.

  1. OnceDucky

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    Mar 28, 2017
    There are a lot of QoL suggestions this server could probably take in, (which more than likely won't happen due to the lack of suggestions that seem to get implemented) but either way, I'm sure these two things have been requested but in case not, ill suggest them.

    1. Allowing more than one coop member to access a trade shop, maybe by default it can be how it is, but it should be like a private sign or something similar where you can allow more members to access it. Cooping with another player should allow you guys to work together, the way it is in its current state is frustrating and annoying, I am surprised nothing has been done with this issue yet. (I am sure this does not apply or affect all players).

    2. More Qol commands, take some inspiration from something like the mod that Traumatophobia made, obviously not all of the commands could be implemented, however such commands as /enchantall, which slowly, but automatically enchants your tool or armor with all enchants (slowly because of the way the mod works) however I don't see why this cannot just be a server feature, I remember on the old server there was a command like this that would put all enchants on whatever you were holding, (and no I am not requesting for you to be able to enchant blocks or add the silk touch enchant like you use to be able to do.

    There are a few other commands that I don't think should necessarily be added, but could be considered Qol and helpful, such as commands for hiding specific things from chat (would help see actual messages instead of the 40 things that get pasted into chat every 5 minutes), and these two are unrealistic but could still be useful would be commands like automatic lot buy or auto mob spawn.

    I'm sure there are plenty of other commands that could fit perfectly well into this thread, if you have any ideas reply to this thread, I believe some Qol commands and features could go well with this server updating to 1.19 or later.

    In the case that you have a small brain like myself Qol = Quality of life.
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  2. luka

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    Apr 10, 2016
    I know Dex is focusing on the 1.19 updates, thus why most suggestions are being overlooked as such for the time being.

    support though, they would be nice.

    also a side note: the official auto Skyblock ad's will be toggleable in the new update.

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