Skyblock The Ultimate Mob Arena Guide

Discussion in 'Guides & "How To"' started by EnderofBlueFire, Jan 5, 2019.

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  1. EnderofBlueFire

    EnderofBlueFire Member

    Recently I’ve been seeing a lot of players asking things like “what’s the best class in the mob arena?” and such, so I thought I would make a very detailed guide on how to win mob arena!

    Step 1: Find the right conditions.
    First you want to make sure that you can win easier from the start by seeing what kind of things you work best with. Things like lag, amount of players, and people you know playing will all affect how your game is played. Here is a list of things i reccomend and why:

    Lag at about 12-16 TPS.
    If there is too much lag, the hit cooldown on mobs will be way too high and you will only deal damage to them half as often as you normally would. If there is not enough lag, the mobs go so fast that it is hard to hit them before they hit you. I even see players complaining that when there is no lag that the mobs appear to be faster than normal, probably to deal with the lag.
    At least 2-5 players.
    Although the more players the better, you want to make sure you have at least 2 players to help takle the bosses (more on that later.) I also do not reccomend too many players as sometimes people will “sword spam” dealing 1 damage per hit and hogging the mob damage cooldown. However also of there is above 10 players then you are most likely to win, even if there are a bunch of players “sword spamming”
    At least 1 other player you know.
    Many times when you have a player that you know, they are more likely to strategise with you and not hog all of their healing potions for themselves. My friend Dankest_panic862 and I used to win all the time with only us or one other player because we would strategise with things like saying ‘g’ if you need healing and advanced boss strategies.

    Step 2: Choose a class.
    Ok, so you found a few players willing to do the arena with you and you know at least one of them. The lag is looking optimal so it’s time to choose a class! Here are some of the classes I reccomend:

    Medic- This is the class I most highly reccomend as healing is always needed by the time you hit round 20. In addition to that, I have also discovered that the medics’ +8 damage sword actually does the most damage. Slightly ahead of the knights’ +7.5 damage sword.

    Archer- next on my most reccomended list is the archer as it contains 2 exclusive items you will need: a bow, and a wolf. The bow is very useful for taking down enemy archers and taking minimal damage.
    The wolf is extremely useful for the wave 20 boss. (More on that later)

    Donor- with a full set of diamond armor this class is likely the one to take the least damage and need the least healing.

    Step 3: Gameplay.
    Now that you have chosen your class it is time to get started! Here is a list of all of the waves and how to beat them:

    Wave 1:
    Wave type: normal
    Wave 1 is a normal wave that starts out slow, but spawns more mobs the more players you have. It is relatively easy to deal with as it doesn’t spawn very many mobs. Just try to not take any damage for now and not get reckless!

    Wave 2:
    Wave type: normal
    Wave 2 is very similar to round 1.
    The only difference is that it will spawn one more mob per player.
    Just like wave 1, try not to take any damage.

    Wave 3:
    Wave type: normal
    Wave 3 is just like the first 2 but again spawns about one more mob per player. Once again, try not to take any damage to save your potions.

    Wave 4:
    Wave type: special
    Wave 4 is the first ‘special’ wave. This time there will only be one type of mob, and there will be as many of them as there were mobs in round 1.
    The types of mobs can be:
    -Baby Pigzombies
    -Baby Zombies
    -Baby Villagerzombies
    There may be more im forgetting but these are the most common.
    If you are dealing with blazes, use a fire resistance potion as you do not want to get set on fire in the arena!
    Most of the other mobs are rather easy to deal with so just try not to take any damage.

    Wave 5:
    Wave type: normal
    Just like the first 3, but with one or two more mobs per player. Again try to conserve your health and potions and try not to take damage.

    Wave 6:
    Wave type: swarm (slimes)
    Wave 6 is the first swarm wave we encounter. In this wave we are opposed with a ton of the same type of mob, but they die in one hit, no matter how little damage you do. Before this wave starts, it is reccomend to keep sprinting around in a circle in the middle to avoid taking unnecessary damage. This is the only wave type that I reccomend ‘sword spamming’ as the mobs will always die in one hit. Another very important thing to note is to not trample the slimes’ dead smoke right after they die, as they can still deal damage to you. This wave is very easy to deal with and shouldn’t cause many problems for you.

    Wave 7
    Wave type: upgrade
    ‘Upgrade’ waves are waves where no mobs will spawn and you recieve a random item to help you. This wave is a good ‘break’ wave and you can use this time to quickly plan out your next few waves.

    Wave 8
    Wave type: swarm (spiders)
    Now we are onto the spider waves which spawn a ridiculous amount of spiders that can all be killed in one hit (unless a spider randomly spawns with regeneration) just try to keep them turning as you are spamming your sword into them and slowly taking out their ridiculous numbers. Keep in mind that spiders have a low chance of spawning with invisibility, although there glowing eyes can still be seen vaguely, so keep an eye out for them!

    Wave 9
    Wave type: normal
    Wave 9 is just like waves 1,2,3 and 5 where more mobs will spawn the more players you have. This time there will be a significant amount of mobs that may actually pose a threat to your conservation of health! The best way to deal with this amount of mobs is to keep hitting them while they are turning. I always circle around the while group of mobs holding ‘a’ and ‘s’ while turning to the right and hitting the mobs. It is important that you take out the enemy skeletons first as they pose the most likely threat to your health.

    Wave 10
    Wave type: boss (husk)
    Now we get onto the first boss. Bosses in the arena are the hardest part to get past. This boss happens to have 512 health while normal mobs only spawn with 20 health. The bosses also have abilities. Here is a list of this boss’ abilities:
    -Shoot arrow: the boss fires an arrow at the target.
    -Root target: the boss makes it so that the target cannot move or look around for a few seconds.
    -Warp: the boss teleports to a random player.

    The major trick to getting past the first boss is the fact that the boss only targets one player at a time. Have whoever the boss is currently targeting keep away from the boss until it is dead or targets another player, while the other players take down the boss at a close range dealing as much damage per second as possible by jump-criting it, and using strength potions. As well as the ever-so-important not swinging unless your swing is fully charged.

    Wave 11
    Wave type: normal
    Just like wave 9 focus on trying to attack the mobs while circling around them and attacking the skeletons first.

    Wave 12
    Wave type: special
    This wave is exactly like wave 4 so just try to get through this wave without taking damage.

    Wave 13
    Wave type: normal
    Again this wave is just like the other normal waves so circle around the mobs while attacking and you will be fine.

    Wave 14
    Wave type: upgrade
    Yet again the heavens gift you with this break wave so use the time wisely to plan ahead.

    Wave 15
    Wave type: normal
    Just like the other normal waves up till now, circle around them and slowly pick them off.

    Wave 16
    Wave type: swarm (slimes)
    You again find yourself facing a swarm of slimes so just like last time spam your sword until you kill the last one and don’t walk over their smoke!

    Wave 17
    Wave type: normal
    This normal wave is no different from the rest so far so just keep doing the best you can!

    Wave 18
    Wave type: swarm (spiders)
    Wave 18 is just like wave 8 but with less spiders so it will be even easier to deal with!

    Wave 19
    Wave type: normal
    This wave is no different from the other normal waves but the amount of mobs is starting to become brutal so just try to keep moving in the middle before it starts to avoind being spawn-trapped!

    Wave 20
    Wave type: boss (stray)
    The wave 20 boss is significantly harder to take down than the wave 10 boss as it now has double the health at a whopping 1024 health and is ranged, it even has more abilities including:

    -shoot fireball: the boss shoots a fireball at the target
    -warp: the boss teleports onto a random player
    -root target: the boss makes the target unable to move and look around.

    Although this boss seems quite different from the wave 10 boss, the basic strategy is the same. The player the boss is targeting lays low while the other players take it down with as much DPS as possible. If the stray is targeting a player and accidentally hits another player, no damage will be taken so you can effectively block the boss’ arrows. But the most useful thing against this boss is a wolf! If you have a wolf the boss will be too busy running from it to attack! So against this boss, archers are the GOAT.

    Wave 21
    Wave type: upgrade
    It is halftime! You now get another break wave to get another support item and time to plan ahead!

    Wave 22
    Wave type: normal
    Just like every other wave up till now keep moving in the middle before it starts and keep circling around the mobs.

    Wave 23
    Wave type: normal
    Same as wave 22

    Wave 24
    Wave type: special
    Yet again you find yourself in another special wave but it’s no different from the other special waves so it should be pretty easy. But dont get too reckless and lose health!

    Wave 25
    Wave type: normal
    Same as all other normal waves just stick to the tactic and you will do fine!

    Wave 26
    Wave type: swarm (slimes)
    Same as wave 16 and 6 just dont jump into the slimes’ smoke and remember to sword spam.

    Wave 27
    Wave type: normal
    Same as all other normal waves.

    Wave 28
    Wave type: swarm (spiders)
    Now you may have noticed a pattern or two with the waves such as every 7 waves is an upgrade wave and every wave ending in 8 is a spider swarm wave. But what happens on wave 28 when both patterns are on the same wave? The swarm takes dominance so you will have to deal with 13 waves without a healing item instead of 6. The wave itself isnt very different from the previous spider swarm waves, but the lack of an upgrade wave is a minor problem sometimes.

    Wave 29
    Wave type: normal
    Same as the other normal waves so far.

    Wave 30
    Wave type: boss (vindicator)
    This is THE hard wave. In most players opinions, including myself, this boss is harder and more time consuming than the wave 40 boss. This is probably the hardest wave in the arena to beat. With a whopping 2048 health, this new vindicator boss moves fast, and hits VERY hard. This boss also comes with new abilities. Here is a list if the boss’ abilities:

    -shoot arrow: fires an arrow at the target.
    -warp: the boss will teleport onto a random player.
    -shoot fireball: fires a fireball at the target.
    -disorient nearby: changes the direction all nearby players are facing to disorient them.
    -root target: makes the target unable to move or look around.

    With such brutal speed and strength and health and abilities, this boss is very difficult, but not impossible. If you are able to keep it away from the player it is targeting, then there will be minimal damage. Make sure to switch who he is targeting by backing off every now and then if you are losing too much health too fast.

    Wave 31
    Wave type: normal
    For all the normal waves here and up, the strategy is the same, circle around them and try to get that occasional sweeping attack if possible, but not risking losing health.

    Wave 32
    Wave type: special
    This special wave is ironically not special at all when out next to the other special waves. Try to see this type of wave as a break from the massive amount of mobs spawned in normal waves.

    Wave 33
    Wave type normal
    See wave 31

    Wave 34
    Wave type: swarm (baby zombies)
    This wave is unique as it is the only wave that swarms baby zombies at you. It is relatively easy as all you have to do is group them up and hit them with a sweeping attack to take them all out at once!

    Wave 35
    Wave type: upgrade
    Well you made it through the 13 wave gap between upgrade waves, and you get one more support item as a reward. As well as some time to think ahead and catch your breath.

    Wave 36
    Wave type: swarm (slimes)
    Just like all the other slime waves it's very easy compared to the normal or boss waves.

    Wave 37
    Wave type: normal
    See wave 31

    Wave 38
    Wave type: swarm (spiders)
    This is the final ‘easy’ wave you will get in the arena so enjoy it! Just like the other spider waves look out for invisible spiders and try not to lose too much health from being reckless.

    Wave 39
    Wave type: normal
    See wave 31

    Wave 40
    Wave type: boss (witch)
    This is it, you’ve made it through thousands of mobs to get here and the end is finally almost here. All you need to do is kill this last witch boss and you get your head or a nether star!! This boss is no pushover as it has 2048 health and posion potions as well as many new abilities. Here are the abilities this mob has:

    -shoot fireball: shoots a fireball at the target.
    -warp: the boss teleports to a random player.
    -root target: the boss makes the target unable to move or look around.
    -disorient nearby: changes the direction all nearby players are facing to disorent them.
    -disorient target: the boss changes only the direction of the targeted player to disorient them.
    -fire aura: the boss sets all nearby players on fire for a split second, although most of the time it doesnt even damage the players.
    -flood: the boss permanately places a water source block on the targeted player, flooding the arena.

    I also am unsure if this boss has the ability ‘shoot arrow’ where the boss fires an arrow at the target.

    Ok. So now that you know all of the abilities all thats left is the strategy. The best way to deal with the witch is to try to strafe its potions as that is the primary way the witch damages the player. If you are caught by a potion it is up to you if you want to try and fight through the damage or lose all potion buffs and a milk bucket to lose the potion effect. If you are caught by a posion potion it is mostly reccomended to deink the milk unless you have an abundance of healing items and/or many applied buffs. Try to avoid walls and the water as these make it more difficult to dodge the witchs’ potions.
    It is also reccomended that you apply a speed potion to help dodge the potions. Lastly, similar to the stray boss, if a potion accidentally hits another player, and doesnt hit the targeted player, then the potion will not do anything.

    Good luck in the arena and i hope these tips helped!
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    Also sorry if there are any spelling or grammar mistakes as I wrote this on my phone :p
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    Wow I see you really took time to make this thanks there’s things in here I never took into consideration and never thought about
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    You wrote this on your phone? Impressive.
    I'm not a mob arena person myself but this was fun to look over nonetheless.
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    This is a good guide, I want the developers to buff the boss health.
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    Thank you for taking the time to make this guide it’s a really nice guide
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    Wow, it would've taken me a long time to read that all, that's impressive! Thank you for writing this, hopefully this helps us all with mob arena
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    Looks like u spent a wile, great job!!
    :) :) :)

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