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    Sep 10, 2020
    We actively encourage all members of Skyblock to post in applications to give their thoughts and opinions on the applicant and who you would like to represent the server. However, it is important to know that there are guidelines on how you should be appropriately replying and giving out feedback to applicants.

    All users must follow the rules of the section when replying. Please note that staff members have every right to remove posts that do not comply with our section rules or the forums wide rules.
    • You must not argue with the applicant, be respectful and polite even when criticising.
    • Do not write support, neutral or no support. If you are commenting on an application you are expected to give a suitable message based upon your reasoning. If you wish not to give feedback, you must use the ratings provided.
    • Limit your feedback to one post unless you are giving progressive feedback, and avoid re-supporting the application frequently.
    • Your feedback must be accurate and honest, regardless if you like the applicant.
    These are the things you should aim to comment on about the participant:
    • Community interaction - It's important to have staff that are close to the community, a member who is very actively involved with people and have a genuine desire to help out and if they contribute to the Skyblock community in a positive way.
    • Behavioural background - Is this player naturally a polite, kind and friendly user? Staff members are role models and it is important that an applicant is a mature and outstanding community member. Players with extensive bad behavioural history as well as a slightly less impressive punishment history. Applicants must be able to handle disputes correctly and show they are trustworthy and responsible for the role. It's important to access how applicants respond in situations.
    • Platform engagement - Applicants must be active on a lot of platforms, notably on the server, forums and the discord. Has this player been able to achieve a good balance between all of these platforms, and how engaged with the community have they been?
    • Previous personal experiences - Have you had good or bad experiences in the past with this member of the community? Make sure to let other people know how this player reacts to different people, and be truthful about the way you see them.
    These are some things we recommend you leave out of an application:
    • Donor status - In no way does being a donator affect the status of your application. Being a good staff member is not related to having made a donation to the server.
    • Age - All people are different, some are more mature than others. It is not appropriate for comments to be made of an applicant's age. Judge their behaviour instead.
    • SPAG (Spelling punctuation and grammar) - Whilst being important in having a nice and presentable application, it is not necessary to have a flawless application. Instead of being critical of this, it would be better to correct the user politely and help them create a better application.
    Thank you!

    Credits to Krissy for some content written in this thread.
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