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    Creating Sell Shops
    Step 1:
    Put a sign on the front of a chest or shulker box
    Step 2: Enter [trade], amount selling, and price in grass. Example of selling 1 item for 1 grass shown below.
    Step 3: Press done. You'll now have a sign that looks like the one below.
    Step 4: Left click the sign with the item you would like to sell. In this example, I used an iron pickaxe. After you left click the sign with the iron pickaxe, you'll have a chest shop selling 1 iron pickaxe for 1 grass!
    Step 5 (optional): You can change what the item displayed above looks like buy right click on the sign. Clicking once puts the item in a glass display. Clicking twice puts a stationary model above the chest, as show below. Clicking three times removes the display. Clicking a fourth time returns back to the original display.

    Be sure to leave space for people's grass to go in! If the tradeshop is completely full of items, people will not be able to buy from it. At least one slot must be dedicated to grass for the shop to work.

    Creating Buy Shops

    This is exactly the same as sell shops, just add "buy" to the last line. Put [trade], the amount you want to buy, and how much you want to pay.
    After clicking the shop with the item you want to buy, you'll have a buy shop that looks like this:

    Just put grass into the chest, and you'll be able to start buying.

    Creating Trade Shops
    Once again, this is the same as the previous two shops, just add "trade" to the bottom line. Put [trade], the amount you want to give in your trade, and the amount you want to get in your trade.
    You will now have to left click the shop twice. First left click holding the item you want to trade away, then left click holding the item you want to get in the trade. In the example below, I am trading one iron pickaxe for one iron ingot.

    Checking Shop Transactions Available
    This is something very important that not many people seem to know about. If you right click a chest that is selling or buying something, it will tell you how many transactions that shop has left, along with additional information about that shop. This works even with double chests, just right click the half of the double chest that has what you're curious about. You can check your own chests by holding down shift and pressing right click. Please do this before clicking on a shop so you don't spam the person buying/selling with notifications that their shop is out of stock/out of funds. If you want them to restock a shop, it is more efficient to message or mail them directly and let them know what you want restocked.
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