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    Helper Position Job Description

    Skyblock.net is looking for active community members to be part of our staff team. Your role as staff will be to uphold the rules and code of conduct on all Skyblock platforms, to be a role model for desirable community behaviour and assist in the running of the server.

    Staff Title:


    Job Description:

    Helpers are primarily chat-based moderators with extra permissions that allow them to monitor and calm server chat, discord chats and forum posts and threads. Helpers will be assigned mentors upon promotion who will provide training and ongoing support, as well as feedback and advice. Helpers are essential to the server; providing assistance to players and engaging with the community.

    Please note:

    - Helper is a volunteer position which carries additional responsibilities and may require a change to your usual play style. You need not apply if you cannot make the commitment.

    - Helper is a standalone rank and is NOT a trial position. While all staff will start in this position, the opportunity to become a full moderator may not be offered to all helpers.

    - Your application is an indication of your continued interest and a place to receive feedback from players. The decision to promote a player to Helper will largely be based on your reputation and the behaviour you demonstrate across all platforms.

    - Prior experience or donor rank is not required.

    Essential Requirements:

    - Knowledge of the rules and code of conduct of all servers

    - Own a discord account

    - Have no current punishments ongoing with an unrestricted discord, forums and Minecraft account on skyblock.net servers

    - Trustworthy, open to feedback, and able to work in a team environment alongside moderators and developers

    General Responsibilities:

    - Monitoring chat/forum/ discord channels

    - Participating and engaging within the community

    - Answering player queries and questions

    - Defuse arguments and tension within public chat or direct them to private messages

    - Enforcing all server rules and code of conduct, using special permissions (warn/kick/mute) only when necessary

    - Be a role model in the community and always exhibit good behaviour for others to replicate

    - Investigating chat-related reports and handling ban appeals

    - Directing queries and issues to the correct staff members with the permissions necessary to handle the situation

    - Protecting the privacy of staff and players and abide by confidentiality

    - Helpers who wish to become full moderators may work with their mentors to learn the usage of anti-grief plugins to assist moderators in resolving various griefing issues, and request bans for situations where they may be appropriate
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