Denied [Queen] Bullying/Harassment [Leeeroieee] [Denied]

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  1. QueenAppealAccount

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    1. Server name (.net / .org ): Forums
    2. In-game name: Queen
    3. Full exact Ban Message: Generic forums message
    4. Did you read the rules? Yes
    5. Why do YOU think you were banned? My best friend Stel and I got into an argument with Gamzee and Stel made a joke about Gamzee that was highly inappropriate.
    6. Was this an incorrect ban? No
    7. Were you ever banned before on SkyBlock? If so, what for? On the forums, I think I have had a month ban but I can't remember what for.
    8. Why do you think you should be unbanned?

    Dear Leeroieee,
    I am writing this because I am very sorry about my past behaviour and have really reflected on it after my previous appeal. I have given myself the time to think logically and decide when the time was right to appeal again. You guys know me, I stand my ground and am not the type to back down however in this situation with Gamzee I should have acted maturer and ignored him rather than letting everyone have to read the disgusting comments we made and result in getting our accounts banned. I am fully prepared to take account for what I have done and right my wrongs if you will please offer me that chance. I want to prove to you that I won't act the way I did ever again. If you guys don't trust me with talking please mute my account and let me prove to you that I have changed.

    From Queen

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    As stated before, you have been permanently banned on forums due to persistent inappropriateness, bullying and harassment. While you claim to have changed, this is not supported by your actions in-game. Therefore, there is no basis for accepting this appeal.

    Your ban appeal has been denied.
    Thread locked and moved to Ban Appeal Archives.
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