Denied OreoMC banned for "scamming" by cyk753

Discussion in 'Ban Appeals Archive' started by OreoMC, Jul 9, 2019.

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  1. OreoMC

    OreoMC New Member

    Repost because i didn't use the right format last time

    • Server/platform (Classic / Skyblock / Forums / Discord ):
    • -Skyblock economy
    • In-game name:
    • - OreoMC
    • Full exact Ban Message:
    • -scamming players for spawners
    • Did you read the rules ?
    • -Yes i did
    • Why do YOU think you were banned?
    • -Me and my friend both won pig spawners from someone's casino so we decided to sell them. After looking for a buyer we eventually found someone who agreed on a price (45k). He came to my island, and I insisted on dropping the spawners first and then he pay me so there was no way he would get scammed. Instead he told me to set up a chest shop for the 2 pig spawners. The shop wouldn't work multiple times so I asked him for the ID of pig spawners and he said 52:0. After setting up the shop like he told me to, it still wouldn't work. He eventually said "forget this" and went back to island. I decided to get off because it was late but my friend stayed on. Around 5 minutes after i got off my friend dm'ed me a screenshot of his ban. I checked if I had also been banned and I was.
    • Was this an incorrect ban?
    • Yes
    • Were you ever banned before on SkyBlock? If so, what for?
    • No
    • Why do you think you should be unbanned?
    • Because neither me or my friend (who also got banned even though he wasn't apart of the trade) scammed nor had any intentions of scamming anyone
  2. Devannn_

    Devannn_ Moderator Staff Member

    Duplicate ban appeal.

    Closed and archived.

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