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Discussion in 'Server Gameplay Suggestions' started by ItsZac, Jun 30, 2020 at 11:35 PM.

  1. ItsZac

    ItsZac Member

    On the Economy server, these days /daily is something that is hardly ever used by the players. With the command only giving $300 every 24 hours, it is basically not even worth the players time to keep up with it. I would like to see an upgraded /daily that gives some rewards to those who participate in it. Here are some suggestions :

    - Increasing reward size for consecutive days (Ex. $300 - Day 1 -> $400 - Day 2...)
    - Random rewards for claiming /daily (Ex. Similar to random rewards for voting)
    - Same design but with a higher reward (Ex. $750 per day)

    I believe any of these suggestions would allow /daily to become more useful and something that players will participate in. Thanks.
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  2. BBQ2

    BBQ2 Helper Staff Member

    While I agree that /daily could benefit from a bit of /change, I believe tiered rewards based solely off playtime will be unfair to newer players. While it will encourage new players to keep playing, but some of those players might find it to be discouraging knowing that they won't get ahead of those who joined before them.

    Another issue we may run into with the proposed idea is the idea of alt accounts exploiting this new feature.

    I believe a system that can provide rare daily rewards might be a better option for this suggestion. This way, it would be fair and similar to voting.
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  3. ItsZac

    ItsZac Member

    I agree that a constant /daily increase would be unfair to most users. I think that a max increase at a certain amount of days would be best for that suggestion. Possibly a 7 day max increase then it resets back to day 1?
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  4. Qwebert

    Qwebert Active Member

    I like the idea, however it may be unfair to the newest players, Though I will l leave my support as neutral seeing as it's an incentive to play more. I honestly didn't know this isn't the way it goes, because personally I do not collect it. It slips my mind. However with a increasing reward it may be something I'd be interested in doing more often.
    One idea may be once you reach a certain point in the progressive rewards, you get a 3-4 day "grace period" where you can not collect it and it doesn't restart. It may be frustrating for several players who work hard to remember to get /daily every day, and miss one day, and have to restart. Possibly have an auto claim (on the mod pack or Just in game) as well. More players would definitely collect it more often and it'd be a more used resource.

    Those are my thoughts. Take them or leave them.

    There have definitely been worse suggestions.:):p:D
  5. BobaLatte

    BobaLatte gazing the stars Premium

    Sorry, going with a no support. For some reasons.
    This idea was once brought up in chat and people didn’t agree with it for some reasons. With this idea, it can make people instantly richer and alts could take advantage of it. They could use this to gain money and transfer it to their main account, which will ruin the buying/selling economy.

    This idea is actually not bad, I would love to maybe have this though. As it’s not an advantage for alts since it’s a random reward, players will be greatly excited for this!

    Another thing alts could abuse. Gaining almost 3000$ from day 1 ( voting 3 times and 750$ from /daily) is almost 10k for one person with maybe 3-4 alts. If this continues, people can make almost 300k. That would be nearly 1 million for the people with many alts.

    As you can see, users with many alts could simply abuse this and it would ruin the game. By maybe just bumping /daily to 500$ would be better. Also I love your voting reward idea and it would be pretty exciting to players!

    Thank you though for sharing your opinion, it’s actually a great topic to discuss about.

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