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Would you like me as a moderator?

  1. Yes, of course!

  2. Sure...

  3. Yes but you need to improve!

  4. Uhmm.. All I can say is Good Luck!!

  5. Neutral uh.

  6. No, sorry! You need to improve!


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  1. BertBerry

    BertBerry Senior Member Premium


    Bert's Moderator Application

    Hello there, welcome to my application. I am mostly called out by the name "Bert". I've been playing this server since 2012 but I stopped for a while and I'm now back applying to help the community out! And I've been applying since 2014 with different applications.

    Your in-game name:
    My name is BertBerry as I am a donor400. Click here for my previous in game names.

    What time zone are you in?
    UTC +2:00 , AST.

    What country do you live in?
    I live in Amman, Jordan.

    What languages do you speak?
    I speak Arabic fluently, and English fairly fluent since it isn't my first language and some Hebrew. (Basic words mostly).

    Do you have 2FA enabled?
    Yes, I do.

    Do you have the necessary means of capturing evidence?
    I can take screenshots using lightshots and gyazo, capture gifs using gyazo gif and record using Bandicam.

    Why do you think you should become a mod?
    • As once, I was an ORG applicant who applied for ORG moderator for 2 years after ORG's players' count went down to barely 0 - 3 players and ORG shutting down, I have closed my ORG application and some of my friends moved to NET. So I decided to play again in NET with my friends as since NET has many players to talk with, help many players even if I applied for ORG moderator now I will not get moderator there as there's barely anyone there to moderate. So I played on NET, read the rules and learned how everything worked so I decided to apply for NET and here I am.
    • Now the question how I am unique than the others? Well, everyone is unique in their own ways, in their actions, and in their thinking. I don't have much that makes me a unique person but all I can say that I've been applying since 2014 switching between NET to ORG then to NET, this didn't make me much unique than the others but it gave me the experience and it taught me many lessons on how everything works. And everyone's qualities is different than the others even if it shares the same things but we think of it differently.
    • With my experience and qualities, I can really help the server in many ways. Like I can help by filling a timezone that needs help in case there are no moderators or if there is one I can help the moderator if many players are seeking help and asking him and the mod is busy so I can be here to help him like to let the pressure down. Saying I am trustworthy will not help but time will tell and so do my action by proving them in such situations and I am trying my best to let everyone trust me, especially the staff team and my friends.
    • I am active both in game and forums. I can access the forums using my tablet if I couldn't get on my laptop or in game. If people need me I can mostly be on forums or on discord if I am not in the game. I am very active in forums mostly searching for players who need help and have fun as I always liked to view how ban appeals and reports are handled to get more knowledge on how to handle one if I became a moderator as I never handled a report or a ban appeal from before and this really helped me.
    • My point or reason on why I need or why I applied for moderator is simple but sometimes the reason gets complicated and gets lost. I've been applying for almost 4 years now, this really helped me a lot to gain experience with almost everything, the feedback, the criticism, the negatives, the positives and the people made me better and stronger than the day before, but I am not perfect. All I want is to help people, make their day or at least just to make them smile or let them be happy so they can be inspired by what I've done to them so they can have the idea to help people and one day you will never know what happens to you but they will be with you, help you as you did to them once as it is my main aim and helping people will be one of their main goals. Also, punish bad people or at least the rule breakers who nothing will bring except negativity making them sad and mad, blaming themselves and taking the negative ideas of themselves. I know I cannot let people know that by just saying that I am helpful, trustworthy or the important one is being honest as only my actions throughout my time being here can tell but yes, I am grateful I am here with you guys, with you my friends, with you my enemies. And I will never abuse my powers or be biased as I have applied not to increase or be more popular. So thanks for supporting me throughout this long way journey! I never regretted any moments being here.
    So here I will mention some of my qualities:
    • Helpful - I really like to help people out in many ways and try to make some change in their lives and a single tiny help may change their whole life. I can help players in game or in forums who need my help as I'm almost available to help.

    • Experienced - Since I'm an old player and started to play NET again months ago cause of ORG being dead I've grown to have some experiences with how the command works and what the rules are as I can tell a player what's wrong and what's right and tell them how each command works. As also I'm familiar with most moderator commands from my past experience as a moderator. And be trying for moderator since 2014 gave me yet more experience. And in forums sometimes I spend all my time viewing reports and ban appeals so I get to know how to handle one as I have never handled one.
    • Dependable/Reliable - I am a person who loves people to depend on him with things like they can depend on me with me moderating the chat or so, just to let them see my truth and gain more trust in me so they could rely on me whenever they needed my help. As many people did rely on me with things and I have never let anyone down. Just saying I am trustworthy or honest won't do it. Only my actions will tell​

    • Translator - So since I know almost 3 languages I've seen some players talking in other languages. Let's say a player made an appeal and only understands Arabic so I would help him with making an appeal and translate for the staff from Arabic to English also there have been cases where mods needed my help to translate for a few players. As I would be able to translate to Hebrew in the future when I know more and learn more.

    • Fair - I would make fair around all players. No matter who the player is, my best friend my girlfriend or any in real life person I know especially when it comes to punishing as it would be unfair. As I am an unbiased person neither the less who is that person I must punish or do some actions on him/her I will just do it to be fair no matter who it is.

    • Multitasker - I, myself have the ability to multitask many tasks. For example in chat I can help many players at once while doing many things else, also me being a fast typer helps by responding quickly to the player that needs help.

    • Responsive - The most thing I really hate is getting ignored. A person's worst nightmare. So I would try to give attention and not ignore anyone who messages me as I don't want them to feel bad about themselves. I will answer any question they ask me and if I sometimes don't respond I might either getting spammed by many people or busy or AFK.

    • Dedicated - Me, myself and I am a dedicated person. When I have some aim or purpose I must achieve it no matter how long it takes or how hard is it. It's like achieving your dream when you are a little kid. One of my aims is to become a moderator here and help people as much as I could cause that would cost the people that I have helped to help more people and put the purpose of helping people in their heart or at least make a change in someone's life. I've been trying for moderator since 2014 when I saw a new moderator and asked YellowAsianFace (He was a mod at that time) how people got moderator since that time I've kept trying changing to apply from NET to ORG moderator then when ORG went empty barely anyone on I've switched back and kept trying or taking breaks but this really helped me and made me more experienced, aware of my action and an idea how everything here works even if I didn't get moderator I will still have hope and will still try to achieve this aim no matter all. Thank you all who criticized or gave me advice on how to make me better every day. And those negative posts and things made me sad but stronger every day, more powerful than the previous day. Thank you all..again..

    How long can you be active on the server every day?
    School Days -
    Sunday -> Thursday
    1 - 3 Hours.

    Weekend Days -
    Friday and Saturday
    2 - 5 Hours

    Vacation Days-
    2 - 6 Hours

    How long have you been playing Skyblock?
    I've been playing Skyblock.net since 2012. And started applying since 2014.

    Have you ever been banned in the past? (Forums & In-game)
    I was banned on NET twice for griefing back in 2012 and 2014.
    I also was banned on ORG twice for Framing someone advertising a fake IP which was a long time ago and for player killing where I was joking with a friend but he took it seriously and reported me.

    I've been banned once for death threats but it wasn't really a death threat and it wasn't meant to be one but apparently, my "friend" took it seriously.

    Do you have any past experience as a moderator?
    Yes, I was a moderator in 2 networks and a few servers that have a player base of 10-20 players but they got shut down. So it would be a fun experience moderating a server with over 50-100+ players!

    Do you meet the requirements for staff?
    Yes, indeed!
    • 50 Post Count: ✔ (I have more than 7,000 messages)
    • Two Factor Authentication (2FA) Enabled: ✔ (Enabled!)
    • 2 Weeks Registered on the Skyblock forums: ✔ (4+ years registered)
    • Offline Communications: ✔ (I use Discord and rarely use Skype)
    Thanks for reading my application, don't forget to leave any constructive feedback to help me out. Every bit helps me out! Though I will be editing my application from time to time.

    Support: 152

    Neutral/Partial Support: 11

    No Support: 09

    • Support x 102
    • No Support x 7
    • Neutral x 4
    • Agree x 2
    • Friendly x 1
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  2. TVFilthyFrank

    TVFilthyFrank Active Member

    Full support! You are a very helpful, kind and generous player on the server. You're also active on the server and forums.

    Good Luck
  3. BertBerry

    BertBerry Senior Member Premium

    Ayyy! Thanks for the first support! :p
  4. Wolfie

    Wolfie Well-Known Member

    Neutral for now, I don't see you online a lot. You do have a very well written application... so I am leaning to support
    Good luck
  5. BertBerry

    BertBerry Senior Member Premium

    Yes I know I'm not that active atm. But hopefully in the future. Thanks <3
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  6. Agent

    Agent Snekgent Staff Member

    Super Moderator
    Help out more in chat and work on activity cx

  7. Universal

    Universal Active Member

    I am neutral. Be more active in-game and help more.

    I would like to edit and leave comments in red
    Good luck.
  8. Ethaninc

    Ethaninc Active Member

    Bert you know what I am going to say :p

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  9. BertBerry

    BertBerry Senior Member Premium

    Yes I know I am starting to get more active and helpful all I need is just time. Thanks for the support also <3
    Yes I know. In the why do you think you should be a mod section I was explaining to who got confused on why I moved from ORG to NET. As I the ban sections I believe I should say that I need to mention my bans on org too as super mods are mods on net and org. Lastly I'll make sure to fix all my spelling mistakes and the other mistakes and as I said I need time to start getting active :p
    Thanks so much Ethan. It means the world to me <3
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  10. Micnasr

    Micnasr Active Member

    Suppport. 100+ support on org? I get my support insta
  11. BertBerry

    BertBerry Senior Member Premium

    Thanks for the support Mic! <3
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  12. Xethorias

    Xethorias Senior Member

    No support. Don't bother asking for why, you know already.
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  13. Marc

    Marc Senior Member

    Support! You're definately somebody I'd want to work with in the future. Maybe bump up your activity a bit. Good luck!
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  14. Wonkie

    Wonkie Well-Known Member

    Neutral, I don't really see you online that much but that's because of the time difference of 8 hours between us, plus I'd like to see you help a bit more on forums in the help section and helping more in-game.
  15. Cøsyy

    Cøsyy Restricted

    Support! For Now
  16. BertBerry

    BertBerry Senior Member Premium

    I know...
    EDITED: Since I've noticed you rated GreenGuy "Agree" cause of my inactivity think about yours I don't even see you online or cause of the 8 hours difference timezone but still..
    Glad to see a new fmod supporting me xD. I will surely try to bump my activity up a bit and it would be nice to moderate with chu. Thanks for the support also!
    Yes I know. I'm trying to improve on my activity. As I in my school days I might be a little inactive for a while as Exams are starting soon and I'll probably be busy and timezone might be a little problem there :p
    Thanks for the support, cosmo!
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  17. Cheesy

    Cheesy Restricted


    back when I was playing saw you on so often and really active in chat.

    Good luck Bert <3
  18. BertBerry

    BertBerry Senior Member Premium

    Thanks so much Cheesy for the support <##
  19. Cave

    Cave Restricted

    Support! Bert would be an excellent mod. He is very social and well known through the community. I understand why you changed your application to net. I doubt it would have been accepted on org due to the low player count.
  20. BertBerry

    BertBerry Senior Member Premium

    Thanks for the support Cave!

    I was inactive yesterday due to me being so sick.
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