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Discussion in 'Trading [Skyblock]' started by Jim-sb, Feb 12, 2019.

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    So my coop are currently working on a pretty large scale island build on a creative world, ready to schematic it onto our islands.

    The scale is pretty daunting. Timebandit989 has done 99% of the work so far, but he could really do with a hand from someone who isnt terrible (me).

    Therefore we are looking to hire a builder to assist with the project.

    • Must have discord
    • Must be proficient at using schematica.
    • Must have some knowledge of world edit.
    • Must be able to commit the time needed to complete the project.
    • Must be a proficient builder (high attention to detail/creativity.
    • Willing to talk on discord.
    Payment will be discussed on application. We will supply all of the building materials required.

    If you can message me here with your application.


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