Entity Clearing fishing lures

Discussion in 'Server Gameplay Suggestions' started by Retorec, Feb 12, 2020.

  1. Retorec

    Retorec New Member

    I propose that entity clearing do not apply to fishing lures. Makes AFK fishing for many designs infeasible since the lure will de-spawn with the rest of the entities in the world after a short duration of time.
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  2. Blyx

    Blyx Experienced Member

    I have no idea whether this is possible to do. I have no strong opinions on this matter, but I do feel that if entities are to be removed all of them should be removed at the same time.

    I’m going neutral on this.

    Would this be for both economy and /skyblock?
  3. RedstoneTrails

    RedstoneTrails Developer and Helper Staff Member

    This suggestion would be a bit difficult to directly implement, as fishing lures did not get their own entity ID until version 1.13, but the server is on 1.12.2. Clear Lag's config also does not provide any options for disabling fishing lures from being removed, so we would need to make a custom function server-side which would hook (pun intended) into the Clear Lag API and prevent fishing lures from being removed.

    Which server were you experiencing this issue on, and which fishing technique were you using? The most popular AFK fishing technique used on the server requires the user to have the right click held down. When Clear Lag clears the fishing lure, it returns your fishing rod to an un-cast state, allowing you to immediately recast. I tested this out on Skyblock Survival, and my lure immediately recast upon being removed by Clear Lag. I am unsure if Economy and Classic provide different results.

    If you wish to avoid the issue all together, I would suggest using a hacked client which has auto-fish built in (such as most iterations of Wurst client/mod), which will handle all of the fishing for you without any worry of Clear Lag ruining things. Auto-fishing is legal on the server, so it's definitely worth a shot if you're open to hacked clients. This is the method I tend to use when I need to AFK fish for something, and Clear Lag does not seem to impact this method at all.

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