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    Hey everyone—still quite new here, so if I got something wrong please let me know.

    Reddit users will know this one- an Ask me anything. But this version is for Skyblock players to question the developers.

    AMA stands for “Ask Me Anything,” which is basically just a trendy internet slang term or acronym used to describe an interview that occurs between one user who hosts it and all the other users who want to ask questions.

    An AMA hosted by the developers would be an excellent way for the community to get answers to any burning questions they have that can’t be answered by the moderation team or any other players. A discussion thread would be started by a developer and it would ask users to post any serious questions they have below, and the developer in question would answer the question to the best of their ability.

    Of course, this would be done based on whether the developers have free time to answer people’s questions, instead of running their normal server-related errands.

    Thanks for taking this into consideration, I’d be happy to document any feedback you have.

    Thanks :)
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