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    Are you having problems connecting to the server? Try these simple steps below to reset set your connection. We are sorry that you are having trouble joining. We hope to see you in game again! Feel free to create a new help thread or contact an online mod on our Discord server if you still have problems connecting to the server.

    1. Double check your Minecraft Version and use your Minecraft launcher to switch your version to somewhere from 1.8 to 1.12.2. Classic uses version 1.8, then Survival and Economy uses 1.12.2. If you are using newer versions, it’s difficult to connect to Classic and you have no problems connecting to Survival and Economy no matter what version you use. However, you may experience minor client side visual glitches on Survival and Economy when using newer versions or outdated versions.

    2. Join our Skywars server. The IP address is:

    3. Once inside Skywars, use the in game commands to connect to the server you wanted to join in the first place. These are:


    4. Once you are able to join another server from inside Skywars, your connection should have fixed itself. You should be able to log off the server and rejoin from one of the other IP addresses: - Classic - Skyblock - Economy​
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