Accepted [Beaverbelas] Scamming [Cyk] [Accepted]

Discussion in 'Ban Appeals Archive' started by Beaverbelas, Jul 9, 2019.

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  1. Beaverbelas

    Beaverbelas New Member

    1. Skyblock
    2. In-game name: Beaverbelas
    3. Full exact Ban Message: Scamming players for spawners
    4. Did you read the rules: yes i read the rules
    5. A miscommunication and me and my friend oreomc did not know how to sell spawners for a chest
    6. Yes I don't think i deserved to get banned
    7. Were you ever banned before on SkyBlock? If so, what for? I have never been banned
    8. Why do you think you should be unbanned? I think i should be unbanned because i wasn't even trying to sell it, it was one of my friends and i was doing my own thing on our island. We had recently won a spawner for lagtap's casino and we were going to sell it. Someone said they would buy both of them for 90k my friend had both of them in his hand and offered to drob them first the man that was buying them said i feel more comfortable if you sell them from a chest. So my friend OreoMC asked him what the id was and the guy told him. OreoMC tried using it but it did not work after he tried multiple times to sell it from the chest. Then when the buyer Nicholasjw realized that he did not know how to sell it he left and messaged OreoMC forget it. My name is Beaverbelas and I was trying to set up a casino of or own while OreoMC was trying to sell the spawners to him. I feel I don't deserve this ban because i wasn't even trying to sell it to him.
  2. Devannn_

    Devannn_ Moderator Staff Member

    Tagging Banning Moderator: Cyk753
  3. Cyk753

    Cyk753 Moderator Staff Member

    Hello Beaverbelas. Apologies for the late response. There were a lot of things for me to consider about your and your friend's situation.

    Your friend and the other player had agreed to using a chestshop to sell the two spawners. But when that did not work, your friend offered to change how to trade for the spawners. A scam is being dishonest about a deal. Unfortunately it was very suspicious when OreoMC said they would drop the spawner and offer something over auction house. This is the same method used by real scammers in the game. The people who are trying to sell the spawner cages never actually give the item to the other player and get away with keeping the skybucks (money).

    I want to help you avoid future trouble with the chestshop. Hold the spawner in your player hand and type /iteminfo. The server will tell you in a message what you need to type on the chestshop.

    This is an example what you will see in game. If the spawner cage has not been placed yet, write Mob Spawner #28 on the fourth line of the chestshop sign.
    View attachment 153797

    This is an example of /iteminfo for a pig spawner I had in my inventory. I had already placed it down on my island and dug it up with silk touch. What I have to write on the chest shop is different. For this pig spawner, I have to type Mob Spawner #4Z in the chestshop sign.

    View attachment 153798

    You can use the /iteminfo command with anything you want to sell via the chestshop. I hope this helps you in your future business. I will accept your appeal and unban you from the game.
  4. Krissy

    Krissy Winter Bear Staff Member Premium


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