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What do you think about having an anticheat?

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  1. Niklaaaas

    Niklaaaas New Member


    I was messing around with some hack clients and quickly realized the server does not have an anticheat. I found the list of allowed cheats but never saw any staff member online to check for the players to not break this rules.

    So I came to the following idea: Why not have a simple anticheat?

    What Anticheat?
    If no money wants to be spent, I would highly recommend NoCheatPlus. It's fairly good and enough for a skyblock server - Its better than nothing I guess?

    In the NoCheatPlus config you can enable/disable specific checks to prevent the users from getting flagged for allowed hacks like Step, AutoSneak or AntiCactus.

    Furthermore NoCheatPlus is very carefully. There are not really any false flags so it won't influence legit players.

    I heard if you have permissions to /fly you are allowed to use movement hacks.
    With NoCheatPlus you can give specific players the permission to bypass specific checks so the easiest way would be to give all users having the fly permission the permission to bypass those movement checks. And I think there is also a way to deny those bypass permissions in the nether.

    As there are not many active staff members I think an anticheat would increase the fairness. For now you can simply fly around with vanilla fly. NoCheatPlus would block those and the onliest fly hacks that would still work weren't very effective (It would be more of a glide for bedwars/skywars/...).

    Im open for criticism!

    ~Niklaaaas (SB Economy)
  2. Monster_Sparklez

    Monster_Sparklez Yee yee Bubba Premium Premium

    This is more of a problem of insufficient staff,
    There is a anti cheat for biker but it’s pretty bad and will stop eff 5 with max beacon
    Overall I think we just need more active staff
  3. VortextRAM

    VortextRAM Member

    I agree, with the current anticheat not being that good and staff online activity.

    However though usually, most staff on the staff team are very responsive if you need them they will respond on discord fairly quickly, but having them online would be nice.
  4. NorthYYY

    NorthYYY Active Member

    The server allows hacks but you said you can enable and disable what ever. Anyway people can easily bypass after they would constantly have to update it

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