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Discussion in 'Server Gameplay Suggestions Archive' started by gopro_2027, May 17, 2018.

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  1. gopro_2027

    gopro_2027 New Member

    So to start, I will say all of these ideas stemmed from a server I used to play on that got shutdown a little over a year ago. The reason they shut down was because they took the EULA changes too seriously back in 2014 and basically stripped all donors of everything that gave them an advantage over other players. Literally everything that resembled pay2win was removed from the donors and that is what killed the server. I will refer to that server as CC. Otherwise, I have many ideas from that server that I think would make this server much more fun and keep players playing longer on the server.

    1. Ability to sell certain items (or crops) at spawn
    This is one of the main issues with this server I think. Currently on skyblock.net, there are only a few ways to introduce currency into the economy: Vote or buy. This is BAD! Being able to sell crops at spawn, such as sugarcane and cactus, gave the server a huge purpose to play. You would build farms, and keep building your farms to earn more money. That kept people playing. On skyblock.net, the only reason to keep playing is to level up your island, and to be honest, I don't care much about that. I need a goal to want to keep playing and on skyblock.net, there really isn't much to offer besides levelling up your island. So bottom line, we need a reason to keep playing, and skyblock.net doesn't offer many reasons currently.

    2. Skyblock.net is too overpowered on some of the donar statuses.
    Namely /enchant, /fix, /god and a few others, but I will talk about /enchant specifically. This ruins the whole reason for enchanting. With everyone able to get god everything so easily, you don't have variety in enchanting. You either don't have the item, or you have the item with full enchantments. What does this sound like? Minecraft alpha, where enchantments weren't possible. You either had the item, or you didn't have the item. There was no inbetween because there were no enchantments. Having the ability to easily max out enchantments makes it akin to always having the enchantments and ruining anvils, enchantment tables, enchanted books, and the value of those items.

    3. Iron golem farms and similar!
    Like holy cow! How does this server live without stuff like that! If I was playing skyblock in a singleplayer world, one of the biggest goals would be to convert a zombie villager into a villager, breed them, and farm iron. It's insane that this is not a thing to do on this server! Also stuff like mod farms (the ones where you create a dark room and have them spawn and fall) are almost useless so that sucks big time too.

    4. Too many freebees
    I want to specifially target the /warp passive because that area is bad. It eliminates the need to create animal farms on your island. Holy cow! Again, that is another very important part of skyblock that this server just completely removed the need for. I remember on CC when I first joined, for like weeks I tried to save up to buy a spawn egg for a mooshroom so I could start breeding them. That's the kind of stuff that keeps me playing and having /warp passive just removes that.

    Closing remarks:
    I like how tight the economy is. It's also great how you are strict on stuff like island harvesting and how things like spawners are not overpowered because they are so hard to obtain.
    The overall issue with this server is keeping me wanting to play. I've only been on the server for a grand total of 4 days and I'm running out of ideas of stuff to do, where as on CC I played for years before they accidentally screwed over the donators. I understand some of these may seem detremental to the profit the server makes at a glance, but in the long term all of these should give players a reason to play more and should in term make them more inclined to donate in the long run.

    Thank you for reading.
  2. Blyx

    Blyx Super Moderator Staff Member Premium

    Super Moderator
    Thank you so much for taking the time to make a suggestion!

    Unfortunately, your suggestion has been inactive for over two months. We are constantly searching for ways to enhance our server and forums. To make sure we do so, we will be locking and archiving suggestions that are inactive.

    This thread has been moved to the Suggestions Archive. If you are dissatisfied with this action, please report this post, and a moderator or administrator will reconsider it. You may also feel free to submit another suggestion in the future.

    Kind regards.

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