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    Disclaimer: This farm design may not be as efficient or the best design of farm, I am posting this as it may be of help to those who are affected by the latest Redstone limits.

    Greetings fellow skyblock players,
    The new Redstone limits on /economy has affected many peoples farms and Redstone contraptions. My Cow and Pumpkin was one of these to fall victim to this so I decided to rebuild my 48 Spawner Cow farm to accommodate this new update. What I wanted to achieve was a Spawner farm that used as little Redstone as possible while still able to work with the pumpkin farm that also uses Redstone. One of the main reasons my farm broke was because of my observer based item elevator which moved items at an amazing rate but now breaks due to the chunk limits. I thought about how I could make a functioning farm that did not use item elevators but could still funnel the items from the Cows to my alt which is activating the Cow Spawners (by the way this is on /economy so we have /sell all).

    To fix this issue I created water streams that pushed the Cows up and then dropped them onto my alt account (basically a reverse marble track/water slide). The hole in the center of the lava is for my Pumpkins to drop through (see attached images) but the Cows still fall into the lava (most of the times anyways) thus dropping cooked steak that can be sold to shop using /sell all.

    This farm is 100% adaptable to all /economy spawner types.

    Some issues with this farm:
    This design will work with Horse Spawners but the water streams will have to be 2 blocks wide instead of one.
    This farm will work on /skyblock, however there is no /sell all and Slimes, Endermen, Snow Golems, Spiders, Magma Cubes and Guardian Spawners will not work with this farm.
    In this design I have only used one water stream but to have maximum efficiency I would recommend using a water stream on each of the 4 sides of the farm (i'm just lazy)

    I have attached some images of this farm to this post, if you have any questions or ways to improve this design feel free to ask me in game, send me a /mail, reply to this thread or message me on discord at otter360#7993. The attached images may contain pictures of dying animals.

    Happy skyblocking,

    Shot of alt with dying Cow (sorry)

    Shot of Cows entering the reverse water slide

    Shot of Cows going up reverse water slide

    Close up of reverse water slide

    Shot of exterior of farm

    The pit of the happy fun sauce

    Farm Redstone mechanism

    Farm Redstone mechanism 2

    Close up of water canal system

    Sorry for a lot of back ground builds, this island is mainly for farm testing and I cant be bothered tearing down the farms that I don"t use/work. Also my handwriting is horrible sorry D:

    Happy to provide tours if needed :)
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