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Sep 12, 2012
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Jul 4, 2020 at 8:51 PM
    1. archerexpert777
      unban arma
      1. needtorename
        unban arma
        Dec 28, 2019
      2. trin
        unban arma
        Jan 2, 2020
        needtorename likes this.
      3. Manubidoo
        unban arma i guess
        Mar 27, 2020
    2. Monster_Sparklez
      thanks for the dp and gl with the dates
    3. needtorename
      Man if you comment on my profile i will buyba d400 rank on my alt
    4. Monster_Sparklez
      Last time crew liked a post on his own profile Jan 21st 2019
    5. CJ_Plays_Games
      Lemme sheer you. >: ) I must have the legendary Noob Wool.
    6. Pixelcraft05
      Hello nc i have already asked this but is there any way i can get my dp head back? (creeper basket) Also another question is if you could transfer my legendary key from eco dp to skyblock? if you can help me in any way it will be greatly appreciated.
      With love from Pixelcraft05 <3
    7. Mrmysterious33
      Hey, it's been a while since a new skyblock world has been created, and Minecraft keeps updating. I was thinking, a skyblock 3.0 would be great, so I took your Skyblock 2.1 world and modified it for MC 1.14.4. I also made 50 new challenges in sub-categories: Farming, Building&Crafting, and Adventure. Players can now visit the End and slay the ender dragon,
      1. needtorename likes this.
    8. Mrmysterious33
      and there is a soul-sand Island in the Nether, making it possible for players to create and defeat the wither. And with the village and pillage update, players can now trade for diamond armor and tools. For now this is a private world I have kept for myself and not shared with anyone. If you are interested, let me know and I can send you the world download, and you can do what you want with it.
      1. needtorename likes this.
    9. Pixelcraft05
      Thanks nc for the dp and that i got a head from it o_O well i HAD it but i died trying to make a magma cube spawner and well clag wiped my dp head since i had it on me.... i also had some more items on me but if i got to choose one of the items it would 100% be the creeper basket i would want back since it means a lot and it shows that you have a golden heart and cares about the community <3
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      2. Pixelcraft05
        well technically no but i do see how u think that since i had it on me when i died, but the reason why i had it on me was because elle was messing around and i were like acting like she was stealing my stuff and i wanted to keep it safe (and i forgot i could of just put it in a private chest which yes my fault) so i had it in my inventory and forgot about it and died while working on my magma cube grinder...
        Nov 3, 2019
      3. CJ_Plays_Games
        Just saying this cause I know how this works. It's still your fault and will not be compensated when all players are aware for the most part they can die on their islands. Nothing will be done about this. If it was stolen, or lost from a bug, something out of your control, maybe. But not this.
        Nov 24, 2019
      4. needtorename
        He doesn't care anymore lol, he made this mounth more money that his head's price, he won so many stuff from casinos
        Nov 25, 2019
    10. Monster_Sparklez
      I like the simplicity of the amount of heads too many would make it impossible to collect all of the, well done
    11. Togpuss
      Thanks for the drop party!
    12. needtorename
      I am not disappointed
    13. Monster_Sparklez
      Thanks dad for the dp
      1. Togpuss likes this.
    14. Roblox
    15. Abandion
      Hello Noobcrew, I recently purchased Elite Kit on Skyblock Economy and I don't believe I got any grass for it. I was wondering if you could help with the situation. Thanks! :3
      1. Monster_Sparklez
        Oct 11, 2019
    16. itzallama23
      are you allowed to use both chests when you spawn in skywars
    17. itzallama23
      can someone help.
    18. itzallama23
      I got banned for no reason I was playing normally then when I died it banned me for flying, I love the server but if this keeps on happening it says ile get permantly banned and this is really annoying and sorry I don't know how to spell permantly.
    19. Yasminy44
      I need help, I Tried to go on the Skywars server but it wont let me log on? It says "Failed to login: Invalid session (Try restarting your game)" But i've restarted it multiple times..? Thanks! c:
      1. Frxxxn
        Try restarting your launcher and relog in your account. Also try launching a different version of the game and then reopening 1.12.2.
        Oct 6, 2019
    20. Thinker
      hes famous
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