Jul 31, 2016
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Senior Member


:heart: Mar 13, 2021

    1. botia
    2. Mai
      i truly love & miss you
    3. eunice
    4. Brake
      senior member ha
    5. arxh
      jamesyyyyyyyyyyy misssssss youuuuuuu
    6. DinglesplatBerry
      wait what you left? I didn't see rip, idk what happened but stay safe and have a good one man!
    7. archerexpert777
      Thanks for everything james <3. I'll miss the times when you were a mod then forums admin. I hope BA is treating you well. Sad that you left the skyblock discord. We should play MFS flight sim together one day when I get the game :pleading:
    8. Splat1221
    9. Djryan
      james my love my darling
    10. arxh
      wait james what no, i thought you only resigned on skywars, i didnt think you would resign here to, but thats alright dough! we luv you no matter what southy, stay safe on those planes ath <3
    11. bertberry
      I'm not gonna bother with a paragraph but I did not expect to see you resigning. I hope you the best and I love you my favorite cookieh ❤️❤️
    12. Rolly
      Another old friend resigns... Lost of words, best of luck in everything <3
    13. Pillow
      Noo :(
      Thank u for ur service jamjam hope to see you back soon
    14. Tog
      Lost for words how much I appreciate everything you’ve done James, not only as a staff member, but as a friend too. Best of luck with everything in life, I hope this isn’t goodbye forever!
      ps we’ll have to have another rave one day
    15. PerfectAlyssa
      i dont know why u resigned but thank you for ur service and IM SO PROUD OF UU for prioritising yourself instead, i know how hard that can be sometimes. i have so much respect for you for choosing to do this, and although i'm clueless in the situation, i'm sure this choice is the one that'll lead to you being happy
    16. Pancake
      Well then... I'm honestly lost for where to start or what to say honestly. Jamesy, you have done so much good for this sever, and have devoted so much of your time to making it and especially the forums a better place. I'm truly going to miss you and I'm always going to love you <3 I hope you go on to do even more amazing things, you're an amazing, capable man and I wish you the best of luck always :heart:
    17. PCcoolguy100
      thank you for your service, james. appreciated everything you've done even if it seems like i take the piss out of you from time to time - thanks for being a great friend as well. thanks brother, hope your doing well, keep up the dream of flying high for BA one day :)
    18. bubloe
      i love u jamesy. you have done so much for this server and i hope you know how much some of us appreciated it. you are an amazing person and im so sad to see you go but i know this wont be goodbye, and i know you will do much greater things + excel in whatever you do! proud of u 4ever
    19. gabb y
      gabb y
      Thank you so much for everything you've done for the server james <3 your hard work and care made such a difference to the forums. Skyblock was blessed to have someone like you take up the position. I'm so glad you stuck around long enough to become friends w me bc you're one of the most loyal, loving people I know. I'm glad you chose your own happiness. I hope this decision brings that. I love you so much james <3
    20. Geo
      Things happen, and sometimes we realise we need to leave in order to become better. You’ll always hold a special place in my heart and omg you will forever be the most strongest person I know - even odds stack against :heart: I’m so proud of you and I’m wishing nothing but the best for you
      1. Geo
        Best husband ever, I love you
        Apr 11, 2021
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