What happens when you give a rude rating

Discussion in 'Discussion' started by Megacrusher4200, May 13, 2018.

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  1. Megacrusher4200

    Megacrusher4200 Active Member

    Every rating has its own meaning, and it’s own time to correctly use. But there is one rating in particular that people don’t really think about. The rude rating. See, this rating really cuts down to the bone. Picture this: you had 1,000 positive ratings and 0 negative ratings. And then out of the blue, you got a rude rating. Now your perfect record is over.

    When you give a rude rating, it isn’t just a rating. This should only be given if someone said something very inconsiderate and called somebody a name and/or swore at them.

    If that doesn’t happen, don’t give the rating. Just don’t.

    When to do it: “You are actually trash and you think you are going to get mod you stupid idiot! Quit applying. You will never get mod you retard!”

    When not to do it: “I really disagree with you, and I don’t really think your idea is helpful, because...”

    Think twice before giving somebody a rude rating.
  2. Krissy

    Krissy Kim Taehyung Staff Member Premium

    People often take ratings far more seriously than they should be taken. I guess having a reputation system like this is bound to make people upset.
    The only time I get salty about ratings is when I get them wrongly. Other than that i'm not concerned.

    I think ratings are a last resort. If you can't find the right words, or cannot express yourself through words. But if you can, use words because you can express a lot more than some rating can, and your words can leave more of an impact.

    But I don't necessarily agree here:
    Having an "imperfect record" isn't that much of an issue at all. If you do finally get a negative, it isn't the end of the world.
    Lets put this into perspective
    We have a member with 3000+ positives and 0 negatives. This is impressive. A clean record, so to speak.

    However now look at me (yay self promotion show off Krissy wooooooooooooooow)

    Do I have a perfect record? No. But do you think that matters in the grand scheme of things? I've had 25 or less posts rated negatively out of 16k+ so I am doing fine.

    If you think about your negatives compared to post count you start to see that maybe 1 negative per 1000 posts is actually a really good statistic that isn't something to feel bad about.

    People will always try and rate you negatively for what ever reason just because they can. Humans have a tendency to destroy each other to build ourselves up. People consider the internet space a place they don't have to be "good". Just don't let it get to you.
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  3. BertBerry

    BertBerry Helper Staff Member

    I only get mad about getting rude ratings when it is used wrongfully unless the person accidentally rated me rude so I go talk to them but if it was given unfair or wrongly or as a revenge rating mostly I go report it to a staff member. Myself I dont care much about having a clean record without any negative ratings. As long as it is given rightly I would be quiet about it.
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  4. RocketOG

    RocketOG Guest

    Back in the good old days this post would have gotten lots of rude ratings. ;(
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