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    If you have been on skyblock for long enough then you know what a terraformed island looks like. It is one that has terrain similar to what you would find in the natural minecraft world. It is generally seen as one of the more advanced builds on skyblock given its reliance on being able to craft a landscape and grass; the moderately challenging to obtain main currency.

    People believe that having a terraformed landscape makes for one of the best looking builds you could possibly make. While building a complex build as such in the sky is quite amazing it isn't without its issues to. Mainly the island farming issue where users don't want to use precious grass so they try to gain it via new islands. So this kind of island is mainly reserved for those who can afford it.

    So what exactly is this thread for?
    To remind everyone that a nice island isn't just one that has nice landscapes and a lot of grass. Make something unique, use blocks in clever ways. Floating islands, medieval houses and terraforms have been done to death.

    You don't have to worry about having a pretty island right now. If you don't have the resources, don't break the rules to get them. It may be tempting to get everything instantly or easily but getting them legitimately makes things more rewarding.

    Also green carpet and brown wool looks enough like grass and you can replace it when you get the resources #lifehacks
    Ps. Sorry for the clique island while i'm telling you its been done to death

    So build whatever you like, hell, you can make something good looking with the most basic of materials, but don't feel like you need to terraform to have a great island
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  2. EquineShanghai

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    agreed. or if you're still not happy, you can change around with your texture pack. make it so that cobblestone looks like grass and grass to cobblestone. helped me when I was only beginning.
  3. 52Phenomenon

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    I totally agree, my favourite types of islands are the ones that use simple blocks in clever and nice looking ways

    This one time I was at an island made of mainly cobble and stone based things and it was one of the best islands I have seen because of how the blocks were used :>
  4. BertBerry

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    True. I know I have some terraformed islands and yet making some terraformed islands rn. But way back then I had some floating islands-island, wool island (Only OGs like Krissy remember it) and my nub starter island. I would love to see people creating some new ideas on their island which I actually prefer. Right now I have a good idea on how to make my alt's island
  5. Lycel

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    My island is 80% cobblestone at the moment--as I'm in no way rich, my island has been built economically. Using stone, stone bricks, cobblestone etc. is an easy way to make your island look a little more flashy but can be easily obtained through currency obtained via vote keys/voting.
    My favourite islands are generally not the terraformed ones. As has been said, they've been done to death. While a castle isn't the most original idea either, I'm planning on slowly and continuously expanding it until it's (hopefully) akin to a small medieval citadel.
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  6. TrauPho

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    I've filled half my island with water so I don't have to use as much grass xd
  7. RocketOG

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    Nah, terraforming is always better
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