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    Sep 10, 2020
    Thank you for taking an interest in applying for staff to Skyblock. Please make sure that you only post an application once you have met the requirements detailed below. Remember to remain patient and respectful throughout the application process, having one open does not guarantee you will become staff and if you are not promoted it does not mean your application has been denied, applications remain open until you chose to close it if not accepted.


    Ensure you are aware of the rules of this section before you submit your application. Failure to adhere to these rules may lead to your application being instantly denied and withdrawn.
    • Do not mention what donor rank you are in-game as this has no factor in the selection.
    • Do not have more than one application open at one time, ask staff to close an older thread should you want to open a new application.
    • You should not be advertising your application anywhere else except for your forums signature and your profile. Mentioning applications in other areas of the forums, discord or in-game is not allowed.
    • Staff should not be tagged in your application.
    • Applications should be bumped only after a minimum of 5 days have passed.
    • Make sure your application is only your content - whilst we encourage users to look at other applications for inspiration, you must not copy any parts.
    For all applications submitted, users must meet the following criteria:
    • 50 posts on the forums
    • Two factor authentication set up
    • Minimum 1 month registered on the forums
    • Own a discord account

    Please use the format provided and fill out the questions as best as you can. Applicants are more than welcome to make their own template, however they must include the information in the format.
    • Your in-game and discord tag:
    • What time zone are you in?
    • Can you speak any additional languages?
    • Do you have the necessary means of capturing evidence?
    • How long can you be active on our platforms everyday?
    • When did you first join Skyblock?
    • Have you ever been banned on any platform?
    • Do you have any past moderation experience?
    • Why do you think you should become a staff member?
    • Do you meet the requirements for staff?
    It's important to know these basic tips when applying for staff!
    • Accept all feedback and avoid any arguments - use the report function.
    • Make sure your application has been neatly formatted.
    • Check your application for spelling, punctuation and grammar.
    • Ratings do not give an indicator on who will become staff.
    • Applications are not a contest, respect other applicants.
    We wish all applicants the best of luck on their application.

    Special thanks to Krissy for some of the content used in this thread.
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