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    Sep 10, 2020
    Hello Skyblockers,

    We are glad you enjoy Skyblock and participate on our many platforms. This message is about how address sensitive topics. We must ensure that everyone is fair and respectful of each other. Please be mindful that we are primarily a gaming platform. If any player is uncomfortable, offended, or upset from chat messages, they can and should make a report on our website or speak with a staff member for help.

    We understand someone may be going through a difficult time, but certain topics do make the rest of the players in our community very uncomfortable. That is because our community and staff team are not equipped to handle physical/mental/emotional health issues. Therefore we must ask players to refrain from discussing certain issues such as abuse, addiction, self harm, or suicide ideation. If you are dealing with any of these, especially suicidal thoughts, please do reach out to a family member, counsellor, social worker, or a crisis centre. They will be able to provide the best assistance to you.

    Here are some online resources:

    Thank you to Geo , Cyk753 and Agent for the content used in this thread.
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