February's Island Competition [Economy]

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    Welcome back to the Monthly Island Competition! Each month our players battle it out to be crowned champion and have their island named the best on the server for that month.

    We are pleased to announce that the winner of January’s Island Competition was Dichogamy with their island /visit Dichogamy! xvsz , you will be receiving your discord role and in game prizes very shortly! Congratulations, and thank you to everybody who entered last month's contest!

    Now to this month's competition...

    As January’s contest was held on /skyblock, this month the contest is switching back to /economy! Remember that they will be alternating each month! As always, if you have any questions about the contest, feel free to /msg 52Phenomenon when you catch me in game or contact me on discord @ 52Phenomenon#9268.

    Your task is simple: create an island (or enter an already completed island) on our Economy server and submit it. By entering, you have the chance of winning the following:
    • A custom medal from me that will only be obtainable from winning this competition [​IMG]
    • A role on the Skyblock Discord that will only be given out to those that win our competitions
    • An extended feature in the #island-showcase channel on the Skyblock Discord
      • The winner's showcase will include more images and much more detail about the island
    • 1x Pig Spawner
    To win, we ask that all entrants follow the criteria set:
    • You must be the owner of the island that you submit
      • Your entry cannot be an island that you sold to another player
    • The island must be submitted by the player that built the majority of it
    • The island must be on our Economy server
    • The island must not be an island chain - you can only submit one island for the contest, although it may be expanded to 149x149 or 199x199
    Your islands will be judged by our staff team. The winner will be announced by me on this thread, and will also be included in the thread for next month's competition. Islands will be judged on how unique they are, how well they are built, and their general look. To enter, please reply below with this format:
    • In-game name:
    • Discord name and tag(e.gName#0001):
    • Island picture(s):
    • Have you entered your island in our island competition before?
    Note: You may enter the same island each month, but this means that you are unlikely to win. Entering a new build each month will increase your chances of winning if you have already won.

    We look forward to seeing the entries! As always, the competition will begin on the 1st and end on the 25th, allowing us time to decide our winners. Entries made after the deadline will not be considered, so please make sure you enter on time!
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    Apr 10, 2016
    Good luck to all of this months entrants : )
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  3. Devannn_

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    Jul 6, 2016
    Good Luck Everyone!

    Well done for winning, xvsz!
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  4. xvsz

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    Dec 22, 2023
    Thank you! Very exciting!!!
  5. GrimsbyYT

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    Dec 21, 2023
    • In-game name: GrimsbyYT
    • Discord name and tag(e.gName#0001): grimsbyyt
    • Island picture(s): upload_2024-2-10_2-58-9.png upload_2024-2-10_2-58-19.png
    • Have you entered your island in our island competition before?
      Nope this is my first time! gl everyone else :D
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  6. Emy

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    Jul 16, 2022
    • In-game name: EmyDances8
    • Discord name and tag: EmyDances8
    • Island picture(s): 2024-02-10_15.33.30.png 2024-02-10_15.33.37.png 2024-02-10_15.37.29.png 2024-02-10_15.37.51.png https://imgur.com/a/VvPpCKd
    • Have you entered your island in our island competition before? Nope! :D Good luck everyone! Congrats xvsz!
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  7. CraftWithAbbie

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    Jul 19, 2022
    *Please follow the Imgur Links, as they lead to Albums for each highlight. Image embedding doesnt work for everyone*={^o.o^}=

    Discord: CraftWithAbbie
    first time entering this island?: Yes
    First Time Entering a Skyblock isle Contest?: no

    Febuary's Economy Best Island Contest Entry 2024

    Each Album SHocases a different area of the island, further described within the links:heart:

    Island Overview: Showcasing some of the key featres to this economy island

    [Link 1/4] https://imgur.com/gallery/lLLEMzI

    This map shows the key areas to the island, marked by banners they are, the spawn casino and Temple shops, the XP/Food farm just outside the temple, where players can farm animals for food, profits and experiance levels fast. The purple casino is the Resource casino, with a purple roof. there you can play for useful materials and even win rares such as totems, spawners and more. there are a few island maps located around the builds, so if you get a bit lost, find your nearest map :heart:


    under the islad i have started building afk crop farms that dont rely on crop hoppers. these can help refil my crop profit shop each day for players to earn some money and start their own farms with

    Follow the link above to see more island features :heart:

    Spawn Temple/Shopping Area/ Minigames and Casinos
    [Link 2/4] https://imgur.com/gallery/beuwJBJ

    Welcome to my Island, when you visit, this is the view that greats you :heart:
    But have caution, theres a wild dragon lurking to the right :D

    To your left will be the resource shops, from grqass and sand, to iron, redstone, cobble and tools. behind you is a free food pig grinder where you can collect as much food as you need. this refills fast if it runs out, so check back later :heart:


    The Temple lower floor has nearly every block type available for purchase, from coloured blocks, dyes, glass, and plants, to logs, and more.

    Visit the link above, to see more around the temple

    Stone Gen Design/Sorter and Basalt Gen area
    [link 3/4] https://imgur.com/gallery/UqWKz3Z

    This Revolutionary Stone/Deepslate/Ore gen was ahead of its time, right before the server reduced amount of minecarts being used *grrrr* :D

    Alvideem was a huge help in develping the stone gen in such a way that the player can afk mine in the middle, and obtain every single stone ore and deepslate block types in one place. just across, is the famous BossOfAll98 Basalt gen which i love too

    the longer part of the stone gen build, is the item sorter, using minecart hoppers to work around hopper limits, which was so great, i had to add shulker loaders for the bulk stones! Maddness :p

    Island Highlights
    [Link 4/4] https://imgur.com/gallery/VnSeTGX

    And Finally, as i had way too many fave photos to chose from, here are the remaining isle highlihgts, described within ingur to showcase better .

    This island has been in build since december 2023 and has so much mor epotential just yet, i have half the summer builds yet to finish and to complete the temple, i look forwards to bringing you all along on the islands adventure :heart:


    Thanks for visiting and supporting

    CraftWithAbbie's Economy Island :heart:


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