Economy Boss's Guide to farms on Economy: Cocoa Bean farming

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    Alright, quick rundown of what this all means again. You can skip this if you want... or don't... I'm just text on a page:

    1. This guide is for items sold per stack at ‘/warp shop’ on Skyblock economy, including details from my perspective on how effective/ineffective a farm is overall.
    2. Any items listed in the sell price will be per stack (AKA - 64 items total).
    3. Average price to set up means the lowest cost to make said farm vs the highest (minimum) cost to make it effective
    4. Return rate means how effective it is at making you money back for the parts you bought to make the farm work
    5. Crop hopper compatible means ‘can a crop hopper be used’. Note: Crop hoppers can auto harvest whatever crops are listed on it within a given chunk
    6. Auto, Semi-Auto or manual means the farming method. Namely, can the farm be auto harvested, can it be semi-auto harvested, or, does it require some good ol' manual labor to make it work. All factors to consider when getting farms
    And now, for the Cocoa bean farm selling price guide

    Cocoa Bean Farming

    • Sell price: $65.28

    • Average price to set up: $12.50 to $18,000

    • Return rate: Impressive

    • Details on farm: A simple farm to help make cocoa beans

    • Auto, Semi-auto, or Manual: Semi-Auto, dispensers, pistons

    • Crop Hopper Compatible: No

    • Crop Hopper Level required: N/A

    • Positives: This is one of the few farms that can be made incredibly compact, with Cocoa beans being able to be planted on 4 sides of a single Jungle log; no light required for the cocoa beans to grow, can be done redstone free if you wanted, growth can be sped up with Bonemeal

    • Negatives: Can only use Jungle log(s) to farm cocoa beans, since no other log type will work, while cocoa beans can grow somewhat fast, they still take time to be gathered in a stack

    • Tier level: Satisfactory

    • Final thoughts: The cocoa bean farm is ideal if you’re looking for cookies to help make food, and an ideal way to get brown dye for leather armor and other things. And while this can take some time to make worthwhile when it comes to making money, the end result is quite truly amazing,
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