Skyblock 11 Tips For New Skyblockers

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  1. Bri_

    Bri_ Member

    Hey, Welcome to my first thread about sky block tips. These are 11 tips I would have liked to know when I first started out on sky block!

    • 1. Build out a platform.
    Build a platform as far out as you can. I use cobblestone to start off with because it is easy to get, and you can buy it for decently cheap at most shops.

    • 2. Play the mob arena.
    Do /ma j to play the mob arena. If you make it to the end after fighting 50 waves of mobs, and 5 bosses, you get decent prizes. The two possible ones you can get are nether stars, and a player head. You can sell this for some grass, or keep it as a trophy. Either way, its a free prize. You also can get other smaller prizes, like cobblestone, vines, flowers, etc.

    • 3. VOTE!!
    Do /vote, and click on 1, 2 or all of the links to vote. (There are 3 links total). This gives you free grass and possibly other prizes when a vote party comes. Did I mention this is FREE!? Also, if you vote every day on all three links for the whole month, you could be one of the 10 lucky winners for $25 on the sky store!

    • 4. Buy a kit/rank off the sky store.
    I know, I know. Some of you may not be able to purchase a rank/kit. However, tying into the voting, you could vote and buy it. Kits/Ranks really do help, whether its getting free wool, or grass, or red stone, many of the things on the sky store are worth the money. I, myself have kit skylord.

    • 5. Save your grass.
    SAVE YOUR GRASS! This is a big one. Only buy things you need, such as a diamond tools, or building tools.

    • 6. Keep your island neat.
    Don't leave random/messy blocks laying around your island. Keep it neat. It really makes everything easier.

    • 7. Make a storage area.
    For sure do this one. You're going to begin getting TONS of stuff. Make a nice, organized space to store the loads of items you're gonna be getting.

    • 8.Make a shop.
    As the title says, make a shop! If you make a simple one, such as wood, or cobblestone, you can earn grass easily. Just don't spam chat with advertisements, as that is against the rules.

    • 9. Make simple farms.
    Under your island, I suggest making some simple farms. With these, you can sell them at your own shop, or go to others and sell them there. Its an easy and cheap way to make a decent amount of grass.

    • 10. Write down shops you like, and want to go back to.
    Just like the title says, if you find some shops you like, write them down so you can go back to them.

    • 11. Finally, if you're island is going to be public, make a theme.
    If you decide to open a shop, or have a public attraction island, think of a theme to make your island look snazzy. For example, a medieval town, or a modern, futuristic, town.

    Thank you for reading my "11 Tips For New Skyblocks". If you have any suggestions for future threads, or you just want give feedback, please do so. Good luck new skyblockers!!

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  2. lowfps10

    lowfps10 Active Member

    These are actually good things I wish I did earlier when I first joined. Thanks for writing this, new players will benefit a lot
  3. Bri_

    Bri_ Member

    Thank you!!! Its nice to get some positive feedback! :D

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  4. Devannn_

    Devannn_ Moderator Staff Member

    Amazing, Bri! These will definitely be beneficial to new players. When I first started, I probably did not do any of these tips - to be honest, I don't think I had any clue what I was doing. hehe
    Good Job on creating this :D
  5. BennyDonut

    BennyDonut Active Member Premium

    Ohh this is really good, it would be great to have it feature in /skyblock somehow to really help out the new players.
  6. Bri_

    Bri_ Member

    haha thanks!!

    thank you! I'm glad most people are finding it beneficial
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  7. Lz

    Lz Well-Known Member

    Please change the font to something more readable though :)
  8. WillT618

    WillT618 Member

    I think this will really help new players. I wish I had this when I started.

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