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Discussion in 'Staff Applications [.NET]' started by Wardalicious, Aug 2, 2018.


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  1. Wardalicious

    Wardalicious Active Member Premium

    Wardalicious' Application

    A Helping Hand

    Your in-game name:

    What time zone are you in?
    EST (Florida)

    What country do you live in?

    United States
    What languages do you speak?
    English; Lithuanian; Iglatinpay

    Do you have 2FA enabled?

    Yes, I do.
    Do you have the necessary means of capturing evidence? (i.e. recording software, screenshots, etc)
    Yes, I do.

    Why do you think you should become a mod?

    I believe I have a lot I can offer the server, in the position of moderator. I'm active enough to get the job done, and I am mature (for the most part) in my dealings with players and staff, in all situations. I have a lot of real-world experience that I wish to bring to the team, and utilize as a means of bettering the server, and it's community.

    How long can you be active on the server everyday?

    From 6PM EST - 10PM EST; Monday-Thursday
    From 6PM EST - 7PM EST; Friday
    On the majority of time Saturday/most of Sunday (after noon)

    How long have you been playing Skyblock?

    I have been around since the end of 2013/beginning of 2014. I played the server for about 3 years. I had to take a break for a year in 2017/early 2018, due to a near-fatal collision I was involved in. I can understand how this hiatus can seem a little unnerving, but I assure you, my loyalties remain the same. I've rested, and am now at 110%.

    I am able to maintain focus, and precision in even the most difficult situations. On a daily basis, I have to deal with many situations at work, and strive to better myself each day, to ensure I am always giving 110%.

    Have you ever been banned in the past? (Forums & In-game)

    Yes. I made the mistake of allowing a family member use of my account, and rules were broken (griefing), back in early 2014. I take full responsibility for anything caused on my account, and have, since then, never allowed anyone access to my Minecraft Account, nor will I, again.

    Do you have any past experience as a moderator?

    In Minecraft:
    I moderated a few small servers, many years ago. My primary experience is in my time with the server, and my real-life jobs that have given me many opportunities to better myself.

    In Real-Life:
    I was the assistance manager of a restaurant, for two years, co-managing a team of about 50 teens/young adults. My duties included such things as payroll, safety/health inspections, scheduling, and teaching food-safety courses for any/all employees.
    I am currently working for a multinational, medical supplier conglomerate, as a quality assurance specialist over 1500 individual centers, across the U.S. and Canada. My immediate team, includes a group of about 35 adults, which I oversee, and ensure abide by all medical laws. I work closely with providers, suppliers, and insurances, to ensure the highest quality is maintained in our company. We directly supply breathing apparatuses, and oxygen, to over 10 million people, world-wide, and I handle thousands of orders a month, and strive ensure they are up to required standards, which are constantly changing.

    It is this experience, combined with my many years on Skyblock, that I believe will help me to be a great moderator for the server. I ask for the opportunity to give back to a community, that has given me much.

    Do you meet the requirements for staff? Yes, I do.
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  2. Monster_Sparklez

    Monster_Sparklez Active Member

    Neutral I don't see you on much maybe time zones can reconsider in about a week Good luck
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  3. Alexa_

    Alexa_ Squeaker Squawker

    I agree with Krissy, also add more to your "Why do you think you should be mod" section.
  4. Rolly

    Rolly Well-Known Member

    Support I talked with you yesterday on Discord, you seem to be mature. I don’t know about your game activity due to timezones.
  5. MrABGold

    MrABGold Active Member

    Morning Wardalicious,

    I think I’m staying neutral. I agree with Krissy but I think it would be too harsh to go for no support straight away.

    Also, I have no idea what “The Land of The Free, And The Home of The Brave” is. I feel that it is rather immature kind of to use a nickname for a country instead of its actual name. (Krissy sorry if you already said that I can’t remember whether you said that it’s 8am I can’t function properly)

    Sorry if that name for the country is a heavily known thing in like America or something but not everyone on the server is American and not everyone will understand it.

    Sorry but imma stay neutral :)


    Thank you for changing the country, it is more professional and less immature now. I reckon that if like Alexa said, maybe add some more about why you think you should be mod. List some qualities of yourself. And what makes you different. Like don’t say the same stuff everyone else does in their applications. Make it unique and please I’m begging you don’t have the cliche stuff in. Most people know what I mean haha. I reckon if you include more of that, I will probably sway over to support. However until that happens, I am still neutral.

    The problem is I don’t see you in-game however that is almost definitely due to time zone differences. Due to that, I have to judge solely on the application whereas normally I would judge on the application and in-game experiences with the applicant.

    So yeah, if you can do that, I will change to support (providing it’s good, obviously).

    Thanks :)
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  6. BertBerry

    BertBerry donk shrek Premium

    I suggest maybe merging the posts together?

    Anyways Ward, I'm sticking to Neutral for now, good luck <3
  7. MrABGold

    MrABGold Active Member

    Yeah I would’ve but something had changed and it isn’t always seen when it isn’t a new post haha :)
  8. Lycel

    Lycel Lysnek Staff Member Premium

    Super Moderator
    On the application:
    You haven't written a huge amount, which is vaguely refreshing, but all the same beyond pointing out your practical experience in real life, you haven't laid out a hugely compelling case for why you should be a moderator. My personal opinion: pick one or two things that you excel at and make a full, structured paragraph for each. Up to you, though. Keep in mind that there's a difference between concise and lacking, and you're leaning toward the latter.
    Your spelling and grammar seem pretty good, but you've capitalised a lot of random words. If it's not a name or title, or at the start of a sentence, it doesn't need a capital. If you're not sure, run it through a program like Word or Grammarly.
    Your formatting is fine: simple, and easy enough to read, though you have forgotten to bold the last question.
    Adglay otay earhay ouyay ancay eakspay igpay atinlay, I'may uresay at'llthay omecay inay andyhay ;>

    On the applicant:
    You seem like a nice enough person, but I can't say I've spoken to you often enough to make a solid judgement there. I don't see you online, but then I don't see myself online either, so that probably doesn't mean a lot. I'm pretty sure I remember a Craftbu from 2014/15, but I don't think I spoke to you much back then either.
    Overall, I need more data before I can properly come to a decision on whether or not you'd make a good mod.

    This is shorter than my usual responses because I don't have very much to say yet, so maybe I'll come back in a few months if this is still open and give another response. I mainly responded because the capitals were bugging me ;D

    Best of luck!
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  9. Mercy

    Mercy Cyp's Main Hoe Premium Premium Premium Premium

    Neutral. I don't see you on whenever i am, and that isn't a timezone issue. I also don't see you helping out that much, but i do see you occasionally help on discord. I don't recall you being a "shady player" or "inappropriate", so maturity isn't an issue for you. *as far as i've seen*. I see you active everywhere but .net? If there was a thing to improve, that would be it.
    Also, your application seems a bit small. You didn't give much reason on why you should become a mod. Your IRL examples do give me a slight idea, but i feel like there should be a little bit more on how that helps the skyblock community.
    I don't have a problem with you personally, I'm just giving you my honest opinion. If i see you online more and helping out on the server, I'll consider changing that to a support.
    Wish you luck :)
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  10. Kyrxu

    Kyrxu Snekini Staff Member Premium

    merged ^

    No support for the moment. I think you could potentially be a good moderator, however, you let things that personally offend you affect you too much. I see you in game a lot but you don't talk in chat as much as I feel you should.
    Get to know the community a bit more, get involved in some of the conversations on discord rather than standing in the shadows and then commenting when you see something that you consider offensive.
    I feel you jump to conclusions rather than taking in all the context, remember, most of the people playing here are kids and don't actually consider what they're saying as offensive. Loosen up a little, you can't be so strict while moderating. :)
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  11. Arceus

    Arceus The Llama King


    I havent seen you on that much, try to improve
  12. Armaganndon

    Armaganndon timmy thiccc

    nah im gonna pass chief, dont see you helping in game or anywhere tbh. I just see you reporting people for having the ign leninist ;-;
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  13. MissPandas

    MissPandas Active Member

    You seem very mature, and I see you helping out a lot in chat. I think that you would make an excellent moderator! C:
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  14. Bossgamer

    Bossgamer Super Moderator Staff Member

    Super Moderator
    I agree with everything Lycel said, and therefore my judgement is also the same. I'd just like to add that I believe that you do everything in good intention. I'm looking forward to seeing your skills develop as your receive more criticism. I definitely believe that you have potential.
  15. Krissy

    Krissy Kim Taehyung Premium Premium

    No support
    Sorry but a mod applicant promoting their bias by praising people for being against another person because of different opinions is very unprofessional and not very staff like.
    I mean is that what a good applicant is to you? Someone who stands against others because of differing opinions? Did you think I wasn't going to find out what you said?

    Maybe try next time to not be bias and call others out and promote hate <3
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  16. Mai

    Mai serendipity Premium

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  17. Tor_

    Tor_ New Member

    No support,

    I'll tell you why. I see that you're trying to be active in-game and chat, but it is just full on annoying if you're pointing out the obvious all the time with nothing to support your suggestion. (Example, someone new player got scammed. You just tell them to report it, leaving them with an unhelpful feeling because you gave them no info about how to report the situation.)

    On the outside, it just feels like you're giving players the mood that their problems aren't yours and you shouldn't care much about them. Very unconvincing that you are suitable to become a moderator, considering its Minecraft too.
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  18. GAMER1232012

    GAMER1232012 Active Member

    I agree with Tor_ . I've seen you in game quite a bit, and although you respond to some people's questions, you give short and often unclear answers that would seem obvious to a veteran Skyblocker(I often forget some useful commands, and a one word answer like "ma" would suffice to remind me), but would be confusing to a new player. In the example I gave, a new player asking how to get netherstars and player heads would most likely need a more detailed explanation than 'ma'.

    I don't talk to you enough to know how you react to difficult situations or confrontations, so I'll just look out for you in chat I guess.

    No support/neutral for now. I'll revisit this soon. Glhf!

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