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    The Top Voters program is open to players on the /skyblock, /economy, and /classic servers. No purchase is necessary. Server operators and anyone else directly involved in tallying the votes and distributing the prizes are not eligible to participate.

    Players may vote for a maximum of one time per 24 hour period on each of the three vote sites we are registered on, as listed at Vote | Skyblock Forums. Votes in excess of three times the number of days in the month are considered invalid and are disregarded. For example, if a month has 30 days, any votes for a player in excess of 90 are considered invalid and will be ignored.

    Vote totals are tallied based on the logs of actual votes received from the voting sites between midnight UTC on the first of the month, and 23:59:59 UTC on the last day of the month. Winners are ranked first by the total number of votes received. Ties between players with the same vote total are decided by the timestamp of their final vote for the month. This means that the player who was first to reach a given vote total is ranked higher than the second player to reach the same number of votes, etc.

    The first ten players who reach the maximum vote total will receive a $25 gift card for our store Others who also reach the maximum vote total will receive a $15 gift card, and those who come within one or two votes of the maximum vote total will receive a $10 gift card.

    Gift cards will be distributed to winners via an in-game /mail message from the console on the /skyblock server. In the event a player has never logged on to the /skyblock server, the gift card will be delivered to the /economy or /classic server instead.

    Gift cards do not expire and unused balances may be used on future visits to our online store.

    Only one player per household or IP address may win a prize per month. In the event votes are received from multiple accounts associated with the same network address, only the highest ranked one (as determined by total votes and timestamp of the final vote) is eligible to win a prize. The remaining accounts will be silently excluded from the winner list. Please understand that we are not in a position to verify personal identity or family relationships and the automated mechanisms we use to tally the votes cannot distinguish between multiple members of a household and a player using multiple accounts in an attempt to win multiple prizes. Therefore, we are unable to make any exceptions to this rule.

    We do not control the voting sites and are not responsible for any votes that do not reach us. While occasional network glitches happen and votes are sometimes lost, these incidents have an equal chance of affecting all participants. We can only count votes we actually receive, and have no way to know when we don't receive a vote. For these reasons, we are unable to make adjustments to make up for votes we did not receive. Please understand that if we made manual adjustments to the vote totals, we would be rightly accused of rigging the results.

    Use of proxies, VPNs, undeclared alts, or automated mechanisms to circumvent these rules is grounds for permanent disqualification and/or an in-game ban, depending on the severity.

    We reserve the right to modify or discontinue the Top Voters program at our discretion without prior notice, though we hope we will not have to.
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