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    The following rules are in place on the server to create a safer and more positive experience for all players. If you believe someone has broken one of these rules, create a report here by using this template and following these rules. Do not ask multiple Staff Members to handle one situation to limit any confusion for us. If you suspect a player is breaking the server rules, please read through this thread to understand what you should and should not do in this situation. Do not ask Staff Members to give a certain punishment. Punishments will be given based on our own judgement.

    Any questions or concerns you may have while reading this thread can be answered and addressed by asking any Staff Member. If you need any clarification on the rules, we are more than happy to assist you. Your understanding of the server rules is key for a fair experience for all. If you find yourself punished by breaking any of the server rules, view this thread and create an appeal here.

    Please note that if you are a victim of another player breaking any of the rules, we cannot guarantee a full recovery of the things you have lost. We will do our best to refund you of any items you may have lost, but we are not always able to find everything. Please be cautious with who you trust on your island and who you allowed to join your co-op. If you are afraid of any valuable items being stolen from you, we highly recommend creating a private chest [click here to learn how].

    If you have not already done so, read through our Code of Conduct here.

    Server Rules
    Classic, Skyblock, Economy

    Abusing Server Exploits and/or Bugs
    Server exploits and/or bugs can be reported here to be patched. Abusing these exploits and/or bugs to your personal advantage will result in a punishment. We do not condone any sort of cheating to push oneself further ahead of others. If you discover a server exploit and/or bug, we encourage you to create a thread here to help the server.

    IRL Trading
    IRL trading, or trading in real-life, is the act of conducting a trade of ones server items for perks outside of the server, typically real life currency. Trading in-game items for perks on other Noobcrew servers is allowed. If caught planning this or having done this, players will be punished accordingly. This act is against Minecraft's EULA Agreement. You can view it here under "One Major Rule." Examples of IRL trading are trading in-game items for real life currency, trading in-game items for Minecraft accounts, or trading in-game items for perks in other games unrelated to Skyblock. You can view a full list of things classified as IRL trading here.

    Griefing is the act of destroying blocks on another player's island with the intent of causing damage or destruction. Players will be punished for griefing according to the intensity of the grief as determined by server logs and visual damage. Griefing is typically done physically [manually destroying one's island], technically [creating redstone contraptions to destroy blocks], or with the use of illegal hacks [read our list of legal and illegal hacks here]. A prime example of redstone contraptions able to destroy islands are flying machines. Due to constant abuse of flying machines, the creation or possession of any sort of flying machine is forbidden and will result in a punishment and the destruction of said machine. Punishments will be granted whether damage is caused by the flying machine or not.

    Looting is the act of taking items on another player's island with the intent of keeping them for your own personal use. Players will be punished for looting according to the intensity of the loot as determined by server logs. It is highly recommended to be cautious with the players you trust or co-op with. Private chests help limit loots from occurring if they are limited to only one player [click here for a tutorial on lockette].

    Scamming is the act of one player suggesting a trade to another and either a) taking the items and leaving or b) completing the trade, but having ripped the other player off. To prevent scamming from occurring, it is highly recommended that a Staff Member watches over your trade and confirms the trade with both parties. If a Staff Member is unable to watch over your trade, if possible, trade via tradeshop [click here for a tutorial on tradeshops], record the entirety of the trade [agreement on the deal and the deal must be shown along with the items being thrown and the other player taking them and leaving] or take a series of screenshots [agreement on the deal and the deal must be shown along with the items being thrown and the other player taking them and leaving].

    Player Killing
    Player killing is the act of killing another player typically done for their items or trolling purposes. It is commonly seen in skin competitions to eliminate players. If you are subject to this, we unfortunately are unable to refund your items that may have fallen into the void. You can avoid player killing by not going AFK at other islands as they can kill you.

    Island Farming
    Island farming is the act of repeatedly creating new islands to gather more items for your own personal advantage . Island farming will result in a punishment and all of the farmed items will be taken from your possession. Island trading is classified as another form of island farming if done incorrectly. In order to trade islands with another player, you must have a Staff Member check the island and remove all illegal items that do not come with the original starter island. By trading an island without having a Staff Member approve it, you risk getting banned for island farming if the islands were traded with more illegal items than the starter island provides [click here for a full list of illegal items].

    Illegal Trading
    Illegal trading is the act of trading items classified as illegal on the Skyblock servers. You can view a full list of illegal items to own and trade here.

    Hacking Illegally
    Some hacks are allowed on Skyblock, as long as they do not give you an unfair advantage. Be mindful when making the decision to hack and read through
    this thread to make sure you hack legally.

    Advertising is the act of informing others of a server not affiliated with any of Noobcrew's servers. Advertising any servers that are not under Noobcrew's name will result in a punishment.

    Blackmail and/or Threats
    Blackmailing and/or threatening others is strictly forbidden. Blackmailing and/or threatening others is typically seen in the forms of doxing, violent messages, or death threats. Blackmailing and/or threatening others will result in an immediate punishment and potentially permanent removal from the server.

    Inappropriate Builds
    Inappropriate builds are any player-built structures or map art that are of any inappropriate topics. Examples of these topics include, but are not limited to, inappropriate visuals, racial slurs, vulgar language, and symbols associated with major world events that are sensitive to many. Inappropriate builds will result in a punishment and the destruction of the build(s).

    Inappropriate Usernames and/or Skins
    Inappropriate usernames and/or skins will result in an immediate removal from the server until the username and/or skin is changed. Examples of inappropriate usernames are usernames that promote other servers, contain vulgar language, or target sensitive and inappropriate topics [examples listed under Inappropriate Comments]. Examples of inappropriate skins are skins that contain inappropriate visuals, relate to major world events or historical leaders that are reminded of sensitive and potentially offensive subjects, or contain racial slurs. The examples provided are simply provided for further understanding and are not the only examples of inappropriate usernames and/or skins.

    Inappropriate and/or Disrespectful Comments
    Inappropriate and/or disrespectful comments are comments made to taunt ones race, religion, nationality, sexual orientation, gender, personal values, beliefs, or ethnicity. These comments include, but are not limited to, sexual subjects, potentially offensive subjects, potentially sensitive subjects, or hateful subjects. Respect should be given to every player on the server despite our differences, and any comments made with the intent of circling someone out or making someone uncomfortable will result in a punishment.

    Malicious Links
    Malicious links are links containing some type of explicit material. Examples of malicious links are pornographic material and IP grabbers [e.g free capes]. We advise all players to be cautious before clicking on any links shared on the server.

    Nickname Abuse
    Nickname abuse, commonly known as nick abuse, is the action of setting your nickname to impersonate another player without their consent or setting your nickname to inappropriate or offensive words. Players who break this rule will be asked to change their nickname. If they choose to ignore the request, further punishments will be given. Staff impersonation falls under this rule. Do not change your nickname to match a Staff Member's name without their permission. Confusion will arise in chat and the Staff Member will have a much harder time assisting players.

    False Reporting
    False reporting is the act of forging and manipulating evidence to appeal to the report you are making. It is typically used with the intent of getting another player punished. If a report is created with false evidence, the player who created the report will be punished.

    Evading Punishments

    Evading punishments is the act of using alternate accounts to bypass any punishments given on a separate account. Staff Members will punish all accounts equally if you evade your punishment. If this is done multiple times, the original duration of the punishment may extend.

    If you have not already taken a look at the threads and sections linked within the rules, we highly recommend you view them now:
    Report Users
    Report Template and Rules
    Breaking Rules to Catch Rule Breakers

    Ban Appeal Information + Helpful Tips
    Ban Appeals

    Lockette Tutorial!
    Code of Conduct
    Bug Reports
    Illegal to Own & Trade Items
    Acceptable Hacks/Cheats
    TradeShops Have Returned!

    This thread will be updated to the current Skyblock environment as time goes on. Staff will inform the community when the thread is modified. Special thanks to all players who created helpful threads that could be linked for further support.
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