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    Read before Posting; Information for Applicants

    Skyblock would like to invite you to apply for staff. For the best chance at a promotion please read this thread *before* you post in this section.

    *About Applications*
    ♦ Staff applications should only be posted when you have *met the requirements detailed below*
    ♦ Having an application open *does not* guarantee you will become staff
    ♦ If you are not promoted it does not mean your application has been denied; applications remain open as long as you keep the thread active
    ♦ Be patient as the staff selection and promotion process is not instantaneous.


    ♦ Please do not mention your donor rank. Donor ranks are not considered in the selection process
    ♦ Only one application thread should be in the section at one time. You can make more than one thread, however ask staff to archive the old one
    ♦ Only advertise your staff application on your own profile and signature; not in game, discord or in another persons application
    ♦ Do not tag staff to look at your application
    ♦ Please do not bump your application too frequently
    ♦ Do not copy or plagiarise another users application. This included applications from skyblock or other servers

    *Please note, staff have full rights to edit and remove threads and posts that do not comply with the above rules or our forums rules*

    To apply for staff you must meet the following requirements:

    ♦ 50 Post Count [You must have posted 50 times on our forums in sections where post count is enabled]
    ♦ Two Factor Authentication [Set up 2 factor Authentication for the safety of your forums account. Tutorial is located here]
    ♦ 2 Weeks registered on the Skyblock forums [Be a member of our forums for at least 2 weeks]
    ♦ Have a discord account [Discord is the primary way to be contacted outside of the server and forums]

    *Applications that do not meet the requirements may be archived*

    You are free to make your own template for your application. However you must include the following information or your application will be ignored:

    Your in-game name:
    What time zone are you in?
    What country do you live in?
    What languages do you speak?
    Do you have 2FA enabled? Yes/No
    Do you have the necessary means of capturing evidence? (i.e. recording software, screenshots, etc)
    Why do you think you should become a staff member?
    How long can you be active on the server everyday?
    How long have you been playing Skyblock?
    Have you ever been banned in the past? (Forums & In-game)
    Do you have any previous moderation experience?

    Do you meet the requirements for staff? Yes/No

    ♦ Try to accept all feedback and avoid arguments. Flame can be reported to staff members.
    ♦ Ensure your application is neat and formatted properly. Double check spelling and grammar, and ensure the content is readable
    ♦ Gaining support and no support ratings is not an indicator of who will become staff. Your actions, attitude and behaviour are important
    ♦ Include the location prefix as sometimes applications from certain timezones will be regarded more highly
    ♦ Mod applications are not a contest. Respect other applicants
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