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Discussion in 'Rules & Information' started by Clxrity, Mar 17, 2017.

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    Post farming is a fairly ambiguous rule, which means depending on your perspective, you may see it differently. I thought this thread would clarify the common confusions forum users may have, and overall, explain the rule in-depth for your convenience.

    What is "post farming"?
    Post farming is posting solely to raise your post count. Since there are trophies awarded for post-counts, post farming is not allowed.

    There is a difference between post spamming, and post farming.

    Post spamming:

    ◆ This is a fairly self-explanatory rule, and easy to spot.
    ◆ You'll commonly see this as someone literally spamming threads with unrelated posts.
    ◆ Post spamming is basically the "dumb" way of post farming. Usually it's someone trying to raise their post count, but not realizing we have separate rules in place: Triple posting, Derailing, and the obvious Post farming rule (all of these can be found on the official forum rules thread).
    Post farming:
    ◆ While a user acknowledges their posts must appear related to the topic, they still create unnecessary posts in order to add messages to their post count.
    Examples of post farming
    ◆ Posting "support" with no extra input on a bunch of threads (suggestions / applications) within a short time-frame in a way that appears you aren't actually reading the threads and only replying to raise your post count.
    ◆ Replying to help threads that have already been resolved or answered in a way that appears you're just trying to get a reply in to raise your post count.
    You are allowed to restate another persons answer as long as it is rephrased and adds some information to the thread rather than just copying it word for word.

    Forum infractions for post farming
    1st offense - Verbal warning (a conversation sent to the user explaining the rule they are breaking)
    2nd offense - 1 day mute
    3rd offense - 3 day mute
    4th offense - 1 day ban
    The infractions will continue to be dealt and/or increased as seen appropriate by the moderator.
    Please note these infraction rules stated are not concrete rules. Depending on the severity of the situation, moderators have the right to punish as they see fit.

    How to report users for post farming
    When reporting one post, it is recommended to simply use the report button:

    ◆ A moderator will then remove the post, and/or deal with it accordingly. For the most part, if the post farming is only ONE post, the post will just simply be removed.
    When reporting bulk posts, it's easier to make an entire forum report here (use this to make due until there is a section dedicated to forum reports): include a link to the user you are reporting and screenshot and/or link to the posts where the post farming has taken place.

    Please do not take this rule as a "I need to be careful when I post" type of thing. We encourage users to post on the forums and be active. This rule is only in place to prevent users from abusing the trophy system and gaining forum ranks unfairly - similar to the rate abuse rule. As long as you are posting regularly, you have nothing to worry about.

    This rule does not apply to any of the off topic forums, posting there does not increase your post count.

    Thank you to MindSensation and the staff team for the help with this :^)
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